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  1. Hey Bill.......That is exciting next month!!! How long was the process for you? Medicare will be 6 months for me.... I have not even started the count down yet. I have seen one surgeon but seeing another one next week!! I am trying to research and learn as much as I can on the different WLS..... and I have learned """"70"""" is getting right up there!!!!! LOL Best of lucky to you next month... keep us updated!!!
  2. Isn’t it strange how one can actually be braver when they are thinner? In my 50s I had lost 180 pounds and yes I could do all those things you speak of but it also made me braver, things I would have never done when I was heavier just because I was scared, not sure exactly why Weight loss makes you braver. Lol but then sadly I gained it all back and by the time my two daughters and I went on a cruise at one of the ports when they had gotten off to go to a beautiful island I had to stay on the ship because I did not think I could keep up with them. Thank you so much for your response they are truly inspiring words, maybe 69 isn’t too late for me to try this!!!
  3. Cheesehead thanks for your insight!! So wish I had of done it 10 years ago!!
  4. Great words Eseret!!!! Thank you!!
  5. 29 huh!!!! lol oh gosh I would have to add AFib into all the other ailments!! Im not sure I want to calculate my lifespan at the moment!!! but thanks for the encouraging words!!!!
  6. CINWA Thank you so much for your short bio! I also had a herina fixed when I was 52.. so wish I had of done a bypass but in my 50s I lost 180 pounds and never dreamed I would in less than a year be right back to square one!!!!! So so many pounds lost time and time again! I have been lucky that I have had no problems with the mesh, my sister inlaw has had a horrible time with it.... Sounds like you did the right thing doing surgery..... 12 years and keeping it OFF! wonderful!!! I am just in the first days of this process and will see where it leads..... Thanks for the inspiring words....
  7. Thank you Tracy!! Just starting the process....
  8. Looking around this site tonight is making me question starting the process of surgery. Noticing everyone's age is making me look really old!! lol Please tell me there are others out there my age that are considering a gastric bypass???? Thank you Hope