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  1. @BurgundyBoy I appreciate your advice, im definitely starting the gym soon (i have been walking). I do miss food especially when my family drags me around special events that ALL involve food.
  2. @athenarose thanks you. I can not wait to start the gym, already joined one just need to get the OK from the surgeon. I have positive feelings about the gym making me feel better!
  3. The reality is, my insurance SUCKS ! Anytime I get prescribed something its the cheapest form, I’m scared they aren’t going to give me a good anti depressant, they are most likely going to give me the one with the MOST side effects possible, like they do with any other pills. & I am so prone to side effects. I also would love to try to get through this naturally, without needing any more pills (not saying there is anything wrong with needing them).
  4. I come on here & search “depression” in hopes to see someone’s full story & I have, which gives me hope that I too will get through this. Sometimes it feels like it’s never ending. This has been such an emotional roller coaster! Thanks for your kind words.
  5. Thank you for this, I will bring it up at my appt. I want to see a therapist, hopefully I can find one not too far who takes my insurance.
  6. I would love to hear from people who have went through this or know someone who has ? I just feel alone in this. I question everything & cry ALL THE TIME. I am a month & a half out. Even at work, I can be regular one sec & the next have to go to the br to cry for a few... Has anyone went through this & overcome it ? I’m going to bring this up my next appt, but what I don’t want are antidepressants (I hear they have so many side effects).
  7. Came onto the site today & looked up “Depression” because I too experienced this especially the first 2 weeks post op. I got mine done 8/26/19. I am a little over a month out & this past week I was finally feeling better as I started eating more solids, but today, once again I had those bad feelings, then I get anxious & feel like I may never be happy again. I guess, in a way I’m trying to tell you that you are not alone, that there is more of us out here. I too immediately had regret the surgery after it was done & at times still do, but then now I have glimpses of joy when I see myself in the mirror (which 2 weeks post op I’d never thought I would feel). I’ve done a lot of research, & these emotional ups & downs & the “buyer’s remorse” are more common than you think. Also, make sure you check your vitamins, B12 deficiency can cause depression & just make you feel gloomy, I took a B12 shot at a medical spa & IT WORKED WONDERS, at least for a bit. & when it comes to taking vitamins, I take the Flinstones Complete (the chewable ones), you can get them in any pharmacy & many grocery stores. I know you will get through this, & I will too ! We got this ! I had been feeling anxious & down all day & reading this took me back to about 3 weeks ago because I felt the exact same way & now I can see that slowly I have been getting better, so I know you will too.
  8. I know you are worried about your pouch relaxing, but this thread just made me ease up a little just knowing that some day my pouch will relax a bit, because I am only on my 5th week on Monday, & I can’t get anything down !! Just got out from the er again because of dehydration, low potassium & low sugar.
  9. I have not been able to keep any protein or anything down, just water & gatorade. It’s like I cannot push myself to have any of it. I have an appt with my surgeon this Friday, he has not been helpful at all. I have cried so much because this feels never ending.
  10. I am on my 4th week. Is it normal to feel so yucky & with no appetite? Just looking at food makes me nauseous. I cant get no protein down or anything, all I can handle is water. Will this pass any time soon ?
  11. Im on my 3rd week & my face around my nose & chin has broken out bad. There is even some pimples on my chest & back ! What can i do ? I have never ever had acne , my skin was always so healthy ! someone please help this is really bringing me down, starting to feel like all these side effects were not worth this surgery!
  12. Thanks Love ! I will be on week 3 on Monday. I hope I can start seeing those glimpses soon also because I was so excited for this surgery. I went against some loved ones who advised me not to because I was positive this was the right decision for me. Now I just keep second guessing myself when it’s too late.
  13. Thank you, I’m pretty sure it is “buyers remorse”. & people aren’t helping either always asking why i did this if i was only 215 pounds & could have lost it on my own so I start beating myself up. Which I shouldn’t because I know I did it due to health issues that do not let me lose weight.
  14. thank you so much , this meant a lot because i have been so down.
  15. 10 days post op. I’m only 22 years old, I’ve been feeling so regretful & have cried my eyes out. Miss eating & it gets so much worse when I see everyone around me eating the stuff I love without me. Anyone?
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