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  1. You are not going to be able to keep it secret. You can when you have the surgery, but not after. The weight loss will be pretty noticeable. The eating patterns will be noticeable. The fatigue will be noticeable. Let them talk. Once they see....They will shut up because they don't look nearly as good as you will.
  2. I too have not been on lapband forums for awhile. I identify with this--alot. no one is prepared for all the changes---or realizes that eating disorders are the norm. Or will become the norm. Instant bulimia! However, down from 280 to 165. My life back? I'm rebuilding. Its hard to become more social. I am trying. I can say I'm pretty again. I see parts I didn't remember I had. Did not have to have to tuck surgeries---I tell myself I can live with underarm flab. If anything happened to my mom--I would have no one. and for all my life, my mom has made me incredibly anxious. I was so defensive and angry all my life because I was anxious and fat and it was my defense mechanism, that no one really liked me than and I don't know if it is better now. So I'm building my life, selling Mary Kay, making friends, reaching out. Its hard. It's the hardest thing. I read an incredible post year ago, about all the changes, how no one prepared her for all the changes emotionally.......I work in a drug rehab were I teach people every day how to deal with the emotions and changes in their life. It has helped me but is still a kick in the face when I can teach it but not always live it.
  3. I know this is an old post. But someday someone will read it. Yes, Its worth it. I've had my band since 2013 or so. But there will be an emotional readjustment--a person that is overweight does not realize how badly society may be treating them until they see the changed way people will treat them as they become thin. The comments. The looks. There will be alot of changes. Physically? There will be pain. There will be times you can't eat, or drink, or sleep. Times you have to make excuses to leave the room because you have to throw up because you ate too fast, or too much, or didn't chew well enough. But there will also be times you can carry the kids, walk through the park, wear clothes that fit, clothes that make you feel good. There will be new relationships, maybe. A changed look in spouse/bf/gf/kids' eyes. You will see parts of your body you haven't seen for years. Medically, you will have less issues you currently have. The sleep apnea, the weak knees, back pain. However, no lie, you will gain heartburn and possible acid reflux. There can be complications otherwise--make sure you go to a good surgeon and a place with good aftercare followup services. I haven't had alot, so I am grateful when I read other stories. Am I glad? Yes. I was fat and overweight and 'morbidly obese' at 5'5 and 280. I am now 5'5 and 165. I sell Mary Kay, and I feel good about myself. I make others feel good about themselves. I sing again--its been 20 years and I can make a room cry, and make people see angels when I sing.... now that I have the confidence to do it.... I know that I certainly don't need a man because a man didn't need me when I was bigger, and why did that change when I lost 100 pounds? I have self confidence. I have a better future, a beautiful pink Mary Kay future with friends, instead of a future full of chips and ice cream and tv. It's not overwhelming just to go through my son's homework. It doesn't take 45 minutes to mow my suburban lawn, now it takes about 5-10. Is it worth it? Just be prepared for all the changes....and swear to yourself, because you will love yourself, never to wear clothes that don't fit again.....