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  1. Hi Everyone, I am Courtney and I have met with my doctor yesterday to discuss the gastric bypass. I am 5'7"- 223lbs and have struggled with my weight for over 10-15years. To some, I understand that that is not a bad weight, but for me, this is the most I have weighed in my life. My health is now a factor due to recent bloodwork revealing a higher A1C (diabetes), high cholesterol, in addition to MASSIVE REFLUX (proven with an endoscopy and 48 hour implant (reflux count: 300+ over the 48 hour period) I was really looking forward to this surgery to not only get my weight and health back on track and "start fresh" but anyone i announce my great news too, I am "shamed". "Why??? you dont need this!!! You can do this on your own!!! Dont do it!!! Etc... I know I shouldn't care about other people's opinions, but this really bothers me! Inspiration or positive vibes needed♡ Also, for anyone that has gone thru this, any advice???