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  1. Hi, I love meeting, talking to and learning from people everywhere, but there’s some things that it helps having others in your own country around for. especially for things like being able to share product names that are actually available in Australia (postage for overseas stuff is nightmarish!) or the same measuring system etc. plus a lot more It looks like it’s been quiet in this forum for awhile ... hoping to find other active members though to share the journey with
  2. hi gloria, the hunger sounds hard! where are you at with what you can eat now?
  3. Hi everyone, For so many years I always thought i’d never have weight loss surgery, and now here I am about to have the gastric sleeve done in mid-September. I’m a mix of excited and terrified about the whole thing, but need to do this and choose life instead of the slow death i’ve been moving towards for so long. I’m choosing life because I’m worth it! (something that’s very hard to believe still but i’m working on it) looking forward to getting to know others here. i’m trying to learn as much as possible pre-surgery to be as prepared as i can, although i know living it is going to be much tougher. I’m in my mid-40s, and in Australia and pleased to see there’s a few others of us on here Im very short of in person support, so very thankful for whatever i find online!
  4. hi @QueAnd congrats on your surgery! how’s everything going for you recovery wise?
  5. hi, how did everything go with your surgery? good to see another australian here
  6. hi @Latoya how is everything going for you now post-op?