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  1. Hi Lisa18! I can 100% empathize with that. I'm just about three weeks out and I DEFINITELY went through, and still do at times, feeling like I should never have done this. I avoided people eating entirely for the first two weeks to keep myself sane and stay on track. I called my nutritionist and had a chat with her about this. She explained all kinds of physiological and nutritional needs that were also contributing. I made some adjustments, including paying extra special attention to getting in my protein each day, and things have been better this week. I know it's the worst to hear people tell you to hang in there, it'll get better, it's worth it, all that stuff... But in my case they are right. I'm just starting to see the glimpses of that as I'm getting my nutrition back on track. I encourage you to be open and honest with your medical team about how you're feeling. They may be able to provide you some tips, like they did me, to help make this feel less overwhelming and sad. I also had to acknowledge that my relationship with food was something I had to actually grieve. It sounds sad, but food definitely was a major source of enjoyment to me outside of being something that 'fed my body.' I'm working on finding that enjoyment elsewhere as much as I can at week three, but that grief is SO real. Please know that your support system will be so important and that you are not alone. One moment at a time... Thanks for listening to my two cents. Ha!
  2. Hi Margaret! Welcome! I'm also pretty new here, but have found the support and kindness to be irreplaceable. You are speaking my language with the stigma. I am fifteen days post surgery and only told a handful of people what i was considering/doing. My thought was that I did not need the 'pressure' of outside opinions when I was making such a critical decision for my future. I will say that because I chose to keep my process to just a few people, my ability to receive feedback was limited initially. Under any other circumstance, I'm transparent, but because of the stigma I went through the pre-op phases with only the people in my immediate 'circle' in the know. Now that surgery is over, I don't care as much who knows what. I just wanted to be able to make the choices and move through the process without judgement and negativity. The truth is that other people's opinions don't matter. This is about your health, wellness and getting your life to a place where you feel good! Whatever works for you as far as telling people is what you need to do. My only suggestion is to make sure you have support. Where it comes from is up to you. As long as it is healthy and encouraging. And that's my two cents on that. Aren't you glad you asked? Ha!
  3. Thanks, Everyone! The headache is gone, turns out it was directly related to the crazy weather we were having here. 95 degrees one day, 79 degrees the next. It's something I'll have to figure out since Ibuprofen is no longer in my medicine cabinet, but something easy considering... What a journey this has been and will continue to be. Okay-favorite full liquids? Ready for something other than chicken broth. Thank you!
  4. And just like that I'm home. Thank you, all, very much for the good vibes! I don't feel as awful as I thought I would, though I do have a killer headache I can't seem to kick. Otherwise the expected soreness, mild nausea from time to time but not at all what i expected. Funny how the mind can make it a million times worse than it will actually be. One day at a time from here, as they say... Thanks again! Oh, and I have waited to hear Welcome to the Losers Bench for a year. It felt just as amazing as I thought it would.
  5. Just checking in to say that in 2.5 hours I will be checking in for my VSG. After all of these months I can't believe my countdown is in the hours instead of weeks, months, etc. I wasn't able to sleep tonight, I'm so excited, which will probably come back to haunt me but it is what it is. Pre-Op diet was something else but it was a great lesson in the power of hunger as a 'thought' rather than a reality so I'm grateful for every terrible moment. Ha ha ha! Send those prayers and good vibes my way! Thanks!
  6. Thank you, Cheesehead, for the comforting words. I know that in no time I'll be looking back and thinking like you! I think I've moved beyond nervous and I'm just ready for it to get here already.
  7. Nine days out! How are you feeling? I believe I'm scheduled to stay for one night and then go home. As long as everything goes as planned, I think that will be fine. Five days away and I just can't wait for it to get here already! Funny how the months went by pretty quickly but these last couple of weeks are dragging!
  8. Hi Kisha! Sorry to hear that your ankle is injured. We have the same surgery date so I wanted to say hello. Eight days out and can't wait! From what I have learned from others who have been through the surgery, the laproscopic surgery makes walking easier. I hear we will be sore (obviously ) but once we get up and moving should actually start to feel better. Just take it slow and use support for your ankle. I imagine that will make it much easier. When you are post op, check back in. We can trade stories! Best of luck with your surgery and both your post op and ankle recovery!
  9. Hi! Three days out- how are you feeling? I hope everything went well and you are feeling okay! I’m booked for August 19th and could not be more excited for it to get here. After all of these months of prep and appointments, I can’t believe it’s ten days away.
  10. Thank you! The appointment was easy peasy and I'm more excited than ever. I appreciate it!
  11. Hi Everyone! This is my first post on this site and I have to say, it has been so great reading everyone's discussions. My pre-op appointment is scheduled for tomorrow. This is suddenly very, very real. I know that this is the best choice for me; I need to get healthy and take my life back. I also know that I can do it. Somehow, that is not stopping the nerves.
  12. Hi there! I'm scheduled for VSG in two weeks and I'm starting to get the usual jitters. Even with that, I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life. How are things going for you at this point and what do you wish you knew when surgery was two weeks away? Just trying to prepare myself for anything I haven't thought of yet, though I've been scouring the internet for info. Thanks!