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  1. Hi Res Ipsa, thanks for the suggestions. I just had a f/u with the surgeon who took over my care. He is concerned that without taking daily Protonix med, I experience continued acid reflux after all these years. So I had a barium swallow test( inconclusive due to the contrast luquid passing through too quickly to be measured), and an upper endoscopy. The endoscopy showed a normal sized pouch and the only abnormality was a small hernia. So to look into this further he wants to check my gallbladder with a HIDA scan. He discussed revision but said he didn't feel it was worth the risk at this point. The 5DPT sounds like a solid idea, but I just joined WW's today, trying to see if it will work for me as it helped some pre op. My concern with test also is there is talk of carb withdrawl and that is expected etc but what about sugar withdrawl? I consume a huge amount of dark chocolate and sugar in general. Just cutting it out cold turkey..yikes!
  2. Hi thanks all for your replies and for the warm welcome! I am 10 years out( gastric bypass 7/2009) and while I lost over 60lbs the first 2 months post op, once I was able to eat more foods, I went right back to my old ways. I am not a good example really as I have been a bad patient. My bad habits include: eating WAY too much sugar as in chocolates( huge addiction to organic Justin's dark choc pb cups!), flavored coffee drinks, gatorade, entemanns coffee cake, jelly beans. I eat large portions of food, just very very slowly. I drink right after I eat as well. I do exercise each day walking my pit bull for 30 mins to an hour each early morning. And I have always taken vitamins and supplements as advised. My labs have never come back with any concerns. I do get dumping syndrome and if I am say resting on the couch and I eat too much, I will pass out. Unfortunately the surgeon I had has since been booted by the hospital and I have found out that his method was to leave the opening leading into the pouch a bit wider in order to prevent complications. I haven't had any, but this also means there is less restriction and I have never vomitted or felt very ill from eating. I am an emotional eater, and while I see a therapist and take many meds, it hasn't helped. Sorry this is quite long, I just wanted to respond to the question of how I have been coping for the last 10 years. I wish I had more positive things to report. Thanks all, Kristen
  3. Hi everyone! I am so glad I stumbled upon this site! I am 10 years post op from RNY gastric bypass, and have had a tough time finding support groups both online and in my community. To introduce myself, my name is Kristen, I am 43, married with a 15yr old son and 19 yr old stepson. I work as a full time nanny and spend my days caring for 2 cuties aged 3yrs and 9mos. I live in the tiny state of CT, and while I like where I live, it is a very small area and therefore a smaller population. I will admit that I currently do not have many friends nearby, and the friends I had have gone their own way. None of my friends are post WLS, and have never understood my issues with eating and medical conditions I have. I am hoping to connect with you all, and hoping that I will find support, get ideas, and share my experience as well. Did I mention I tend to talk and therefore write too much? Lol.. Thank you much, Kristen
  4. Hi everyone! I am brand new to this site, so glad I found it! I am 10 years post op gastric bypass RNY, a so-called WLS veteran. I have had a tough journey and while I haven't regained a lot of weight, I haven't lost any either. I live in tiny CT, and have found it hard to connect with other post gastric bypass patients. I would love to connect with someone who is in the same situation as I am or has had more success as well. Thank you in advance and I appreciate all replies, Kristen