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  1. How are we on Suppositories like adol and volataren?
  2. Sorry for the silence guys. I was away. Still no better. Your advice is amazing thank you so much. Eggs are killing me, I get one bite in and I’m running to the loo to throw up. The tight feeling in my chest was a new one and am so glad to hear I can start to listen to it ! I do a smoothie (very liquid) in a morning and sip throughout the day. That’s about all I can handle. I’ve got a grip on vitamins though thanks to some excellent advice. Mashed Tuna and flakes fish I do ok with, two teaspoons tho and I’m done. I find a babybel some days will stay down ... I guess it’s all just a waiting game. Thanks, started to feel like I wished I’d never done it. I have lost 25 kgs tho :)
  3. It’s been almost 10 weeks. I can still only do shakes and soups and yoghurts. Is this normal? Will I ever move onto other foods? Feels like I will never recover right now. Anything else I try just comes back up, like pasta or beetroot or fish ?