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  1. Congratulations!! It takes a lot of adjusting but once the surgical pain heals it does get better.
  2. Goodness me, sounds great. Not long to go now!! It flies. I'm now 9 days post op. Oh gosh. So crazy. How long are you expecting to stay in hospital? I stayed 3 nights. Best thing I did.
  3. Welcome songlark! I am exactly 1 week post sleeve gastrectomy. Healing well. Feeling good. I'm too based in Australia. If you need anything don't hesitate. I'm 34 based in northern NSW. I too had apprehension and excitement. I think that is completely normal. But as you say, you're choosing life and in the end that is what is most important. Congratulations and again a huge welcome x
  4. Hi and welcome. I started posting in here 7/23 when I started my pre op diet. Now I am 3 days post op. Time flies. When is your surgery booked?
  5. So many questions, but mainly, I take my regular medication at night, should I be doing it over period of time? I'm finding that before surgery I used to just put 4 pills in and swig water, so ok I'm guessing I probably shouldn't be doing that but also because it is too much water at once and 4 tabs I would fear they would get stuck so soon after surgery. It's been taking nearly 1 & half hours to take them.
  6. Peachysmilz

    Day 2

    Here I am, sitting here having free fluids for lunch. Vegetable broth. I'm expected to go home tomorrow which will be good. Fingers crossed I can do this. I'm so excited. My life has been given a second chance!
  7. Hi QueAnd. I had my VSG surgery yesterday 08/06/19. I'm located in Australia so writing the date that way is different lol. I spent last night quite comfortable. Doctor and anaesthetist has me on regular pain relief. I started walking last night. Only thing is that I keep falling asleep.... Like narcolepsy, very odd, guessing it is to do with the anaesthesia. How are you feeling? Where are you located?
  8. Thank you. I head in tomorrow morning. I'm based in Australia. Feeling nervous now!! See you on the flip side x
  9. Hi everyone, The time is coming. Surgery is in 2 days. Any pointers on what to pack for hospital? Also, when did you start taking your vitamins? I'm expected to stay for 3 to 5 days. I'm excited and nervous....
  10. Hi everyone!! I'm a week away from starting my 2 week pre op diet. Starting to get nervous and excited. I've decided to not tell anyone except a select few people. A collegue from work who I've discussed at length with about the surgery because they've had the sleeve too, my boss, and another collegue. My husband and a close girlfriend. I see a psychologist and a dietitian. That is it. Not even my family know. I've struggled for many years with my weight. Some people say, you shouldn't eat that, be a better role model for your kids, others say your not that big.... I feel like it is
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