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  1. Thank you so much, I am so happy to have you all. I am still struggling but I am choosing healthy foods to eat. My struggles are becoming harder and harder I am not getting my 4oz of food with each meal. I measure my food and chew it very slow but for some reason my stomach starts gurgling even before I eat the first bite so by the second bite I am usually done and if I try one more bite everything I ate comes back up and at doesn't even warned me. I don't feel bad but I know it's going to catch up to me. My doc. Wants to do and endoscopy to make sure nothing it's stuck.
  2. Thank you BurgandyBoy! I thought I was going crazy, I was becoming introverted. No one around me understood what I'm going through, (not even myself). What you wrote makes a lot sense. Our senses dictate a lot of what we were used to eat. Thanks again for your willingness to help newbies like me.
  3. I am glad I found this forum! I've been going through some issues and maybe you can help. This is my 5th week post surgery and I am frustrated because I only have one taste and one smell for everything. I understand that I will not enjoy the foods I did in the past but somehow I've lost the sense of smell and taste. I am starting to eat solid foods now, but as soon as I finish preparing the food I get this pungent smell and I can't no longer eat it. For instance I was so glad that avocado was on my foods to eat I was waiting for the day I could take a piece of avocado wasn't able to retain it. The smell of the food cooking makes me gag an certain perfumes or detergent smells bother me. I've been surviving on Premier protein and wheat thins and my doctor tells me that I have to make an effort to eat. He did tell me before the surgery that I was not going to feel hungry but I had to eat my meals and snacks. Nothing hurts and I feel good. I stopped using the diabetic pills within the 2nd week post surgery and my blood pressure pills I stopped right after. Just for that reasons alone I am glad I did the surgery. But has anyone else gone through these symptoms? And if you have what did you do? Like I said one smell for everything and one taste for everything. So that you more less understand me, I want you to think about the food you dislike the most. Now think about your favorite food but now it tastes like the pungent food you would never eat even if it was the only thing to eat in the house. That's what my daily meals taste to me. I need you help!