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  1. Actually I had a bad fall years ago and broke my back, so I’m wheelchair bound, but I do work what I can. The accident actually caused me to gain so much weight. The doc has me on Eliquis and Diltiazem for my AFib, but it’s not stopping the ‘attacks’, it just thins the blood so I don’t clot. But I am due to visit the Cardiologist soon. I was worried about the upcoming holidays and all the food and sweets that I used to overindulge in but I’m pretty sure (aside from the smells) I should have no real issues. To tell the truth, I usually only get 300-500 calories a day, and that’s even hard right now. But I’m only 4.5 months out from my surgery. I expect it’ll get easier to intake the calories I need as time goes on....however, I’m not sure I want to; if you know what I mean.
  2. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your help and thoughts. It has been just a little over four months and I thought I would post an update. I’ve lost 110 lbs. and I am feeling great! Sometimes I forget to eat, but I am concentrating on getting as much protein as I can. I have returned to the gym with my son, however I am having more issues with my A-Fib than before the RNY, and that often keeps me out of the gym. ALL my clothes are falling off me and it feels great to finally wear things I haven’t been able to fit for years. I still have 150 lbs to go, but it no longer seems impossible. Another thing I’ve noticed is my attitude is WAY better! I’m no longer awash in depression. I may at times wish my food choices were broader, but that quickly passes. Thanks TTF!
  3. Today marks 5 and 1/2 weeks since my surgery. I’m concerned today because last Sunday we had another family birthday dinner at Olive Garden (our normal gathering spot for years). The reason I am worried is that I don’t seem to have any limits with my pouch. Let me explain; I read on ThinnerTimes how so many of you have experienced dumping syndrome or feeling stuffed with as little as an egg-sized worth of food. I don’t. Never have had one dumping experience and last Sunday, (not even sure why), but I ate 1/2 a breadstick, 1 fried mozzarella stick, then 1 chicken parmigiana chicken breast (probably 6oz or so), and I never even felt full. I don’t understand it. It’s almost now to a point where I am looking for my limits. I have healed from the surgery and for the sole exception of not having raging hunger pangs, I feel the same as before my surgery. I guess I just don’t know what to expect, or how I should feel. But I don’t feel like I have made any progress in my weight loss this week. In the last 4 weeks, I could actually feel and see a real difference, but not for the last week. Again, I don’t even know how or what I should be feeling. Most likely I will not be trying to ABUSE my pouch anymore, but some small part of me wonders if I even have a pouch. I mean, it’s not like I can peek inside and see for myself. Aside from the absence of deep hunger pangs, I would suspect they opened me up, cut the “hunger pain sensors” then sewed me back up, and that is what has accounted for the weight loss so far. I mean not even my diabetes is under control. Every day I have to fight to get it down from 140-180, and that’s after not eating anything more than an almost pure protein diet. It’s disconcerting because the surgery was supposed to have cured the diabetes. I know how absolutely asinine all this sounds, but these thoughts still sit somewhere in the recesses of my mind. I guess it doesn’t help that my dear cousin, mentioned previously, tells me constantly that I shouldn’t be eating ANY solids, and that I am just going to regain all my weight and more, just like other people he knows. Just a little frustrated today. Thanks for listening...
  4. Again, WOW! okay, it’s settled, tomorrow I pick a location, dust off my Nikon, and start snapping pictures. I sure hope that I’ll be able to post such a successful result as you have CheeringCJ. If nothing else, I’ll be able to look back at my progress and gain inspiration. Thank you all...I’m lucky to have found ThinnerTimes!
  5. WOW! Thank you for sharing that video. It is completely inspiring, and most impressive. Makes me think I should start a photo diary of my own. Probably something that many people think they should have done.???
  6. WOW! Reaper & Scorpion peppers? That’s not spicy, that hellfire...lol. I guess as long as you’re not eating Ghost peppers, you’re ok. Right? Well, thank you both for confirming that the are fried beans were ok, had them last night and OH BOY! That was my first tasty meal in 5 weeks, longer if you consider that pre-op liquid diet they had me on. I am definitely going to try chili soon. I love chili. So I was speaking to my cousin, the one 10yrs out from a VERY successful RNY, and he tells me, “dude, I don’t think you should be eating that stuff.” To which I told him that I was just following the doctors instructions. He then tells me, “I don’t remember having anything other than Ensure for like 4-5 months.” He thinks I am eating solids too soon and that I am risking stretching out my pouch. I told him that the thinking behind it was that the doctor didn’t want me to drop too much weight too quickly because it would result in poor skin elasticity and I would end up looking like a deflated ballon, (not sure I am going to be able to avoid that anyway). He said that if I wasn’t careful I would end my honeymoon period without having lost the required weight. Then I would gain it all back, and be worse off than before. Not sure I believe him, although he does have success on his side. what do you think?
  7. Just a quick question for anyone who might know. My cousin, who is a very successful WLS patient (RNY), told me that during his soft food phase, (2-4 weeks post surgery) they cleared him for refried beans, which he continued to eat through his “honeymoon” phase. I was wondering if that is an acceptable food still. By the way, he had his surgery over 10yrs ago. Have things changed? Is it still ok to have refried beans? And, would it hurt to add a little smooth salsa to it? I guess I am just missing Mexican food, (my favorite cuisine...well next to Italian). Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! I survived my Olive Garden experience with flying colors. It wasn’t easy sitting there watching my family eat all my favorite dishes, but I asked them to grill me a small piece of chicken breast, then I added some oil & vinegar to lightly moisten it, went down easily and I had no problem. Afterwards, it was all a memory, and I was proud of myself for being able to sit and enjoy the company without making it about food. Today was my 4 week check-up and I am having mixed feelings about it. They said I was now cleared for semi-solid foods, (e.g., hamburger, chicken, fish, pork, etc.) But the part I am having mixed feelings about is the fact that I only lost 10 more pounds. The first two weeks I lost 30 pounds, now I know that any loss is a reason to feel good about myself, but should I be concerned that the loss has slowed down so dramatically? Now, the nurse did say, 40lbs. in my first 4 weeks was phenomenal, however my road is so long before me, I am just so anxious to get there. One other thing that she said today was that most only loose 1-2lbs. a week, this can’t be true. Surely other RNY patients experience much more weight loss than that. But she did say that at this point I shouldn’t concentrate on the pounds, but rather watch the inches. Apparently the body goes from dropping the weight, to loosing the inches, then back again. in any case, I am happy overall. I feel better than I have in a long time. I am sleeping better, and (sorry to get graphic here) but the diarrhea is substantially better, almost gone! Oh and the best part, I’ve gone from a tight 6x shirt to a loose 4x! And those 501’s fight nicely now! (Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I’m really excited).
  9. Thank you all for your gracious welcomes. Yesterday I saw my doctor for my 2week follow-up, they told me I am doing fantastic, they said I am now where I should be at 6 weeks, in these last two weeks I have lost 30lbs. So, today I figured I would try and put on a pair of 501’s that I accidentally bought years ago (too small), well they fit...almost. The rear is a little tight, but only when I sit. This and the fact that they cleared me for mushy foods, (i.e., tuna, chicken & egg salads), means this is an exceptionally great weekend. The only real challenge I am now facing is a lunch date at Olive Garden with my family tomorrow, hope a bottle of water does it for me, lol. you all are so terrific, I again say that I am so happy that I found you all.
  10. Hello everyone. I am new here but I am so glad I found you all. I feel like I may not be having to go through this alone. However, I do believe I may be one of the heaviest if not THE heaviest to be a member here, starting my weight loss at just under 500 lbs. I hope to be successful, and with my doctors and new friends I may make here, I know I will be.