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    Thank you! I am post op right now... a week tomorrow. I had bypass done RNY. One incision on the front of my stomach still hurts a lot especially when sitting standing or moving basically. But the pain is getting less and less bybthe day. Already went back to work on Sunday. It’s not to bad. Just looking for recipes for puréed food because i know they are gonna make me start that soon and i want to be prepared but finding it tough to find some good stuff. But i see the nutritionist on Friday so she can probably help me with that. Thanks for checking on me i really appreciate it.
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    My name is patty. I am pre-op, my surgery is scheduled for July 17. On the pre-op diet right now. Not doing so bad except I’m getting sick of the protein shakes already and just had to force myself to finish one without throwing it up. How much weight do you lose on this diet? How fast?