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  1. @burgundyboy I am doing much, much better! Can drink decent amounts at a time without discomfort. It is difficult to hit the 64 oz but I am just about managing it most days, considering that I am still in the liquid diet phase. Hope you are doing well and many thanks for asking. Have a great weekend!
  2. @TammyPHi Tammy, I am sleeping better but not fully comfortable yet. Have had other small inconveniences (fell down the stairs and hurt toe and had really bad constipation - needed two enemas) so the lack of sleep is not so high in the list of complaints anymore : ) thank you for asking!
  3. @TammyPHello Tammy! Just wanted to say that you look great, and so happy in all your photos. Hope your success in maintenance continues. It is really inspiring to see such fantastic results of two years down the line. Have a good day : )
  4. @tracyringo@cinwa Thank you very much for checking on me, that's so kind of you. At the end, I didn't need the pain medication, they sent me home with regular paracetamol tablets (this being the UK where people seem to have extremely high pain thresholds - I am not British by the way, and I miss to be able to have proper painkillers when in pain). I had a little pain on the incisions but didn't want to risk the horrendous nausea that I had in hospital, so I didn't take anything for the pain. I am now feeling so much better! Can drink better and faster, though I don't know if this is good or bad. I worry about stretching the pouch with the liquids, but have not felt uncomfortable or full, so I am guessing this is ok. Yesterday as I was going down the stairs, I slipped and fell down 5 or 6 stairs and ended up lying flat in the floor. It was very scary and I thought that maybe I had done something to the wounds (external and internal), but other than a purple and sore toe, all seems to be well. Such bad luck.... Hope you are doing well, and thanks again for your messages. Best wishes
  5. What a fantastic transformation! I hope you and your wife had a great time in the class.
  6. @tracyringo Hello Tracy, I am sorry that you are having daily heartburn, it must be very uncomfortable. I do not have any advice (my own sleeve was done only two weeks ago), but I wanted to ask you when did you start having heartburn? My doctor said this is a common side effect and I wonder at what point does it start. Many thanks and I hope that you find an effective treatment very soon!
  7. @Res Ipsa I think you are absolutely right - that was me panicking and not thinking straight due to lack of sleep : ) it feels a bit uncomfortable, specially if I need to change position, but gets better each day. So i am hopeful for tonight. Thanks!
  8. Thank you! I am going to look for a body pillow and give it a try. Hope you have a good day : )
  9. Hello! Do you know when is it ok to sleep on the side? Tomorrow I will be one week post op, and I haven’t been able to sleep through the night yet because I sleep on my side and get restless sleeping on my back. luckily my incisions are not very painful. I could handle it pain wise but I am not sure if I am causing some internal damage. I sooooo want to sleep well : ) Many thanks!!!
  10. @Res Ipsahello! Thank you very much for the link, the Tufts Guidelines have been very helpful too. It is so encouraging to hear about people like you that have lost all the excess weight and maintain it. I really hope that I can do it too. i am struggling with getting all the fluids just with small sips. Does it get to the point when you can drink normally and not with tiny sips? many thanks again!
  11. @cinwa thank you for think of me! I survived : ) all went well with the op but had horrible time with nausea at hospital. They thought I may have to stay an extra night because I couldn’t keep anything down, but luckily the last day I could start drinking and came home last night. the pain has been so much better than I expected. The doctor repaired a hiatus (I think that is the right spelling?) hernia. I find that the post op dietary instructions for the first 2-3 that I got are not very good. I looked at the guidelines from Tuft university that someone shared, and that is much more comprehensive. My surgeon doesn’t have a dietician that I can consult, so I think I will adapt the meal plan. I cannot drink milk and the instructions say I should have two pints of skim milk daily! I asked about substituting with a Premier Protein shake and the surgeon said it looked good : ) so I guess I am a bit on my own with the nutrition. hope all is well with you! Best wishes
  12. @Cindy Lou Who awww thank you so much!! This really cheers me up!! The doctor just been this morning, and when he asked me how I was, I started crying. I couldn’t stop myself. He was very nice and reassuring and assured me that all will be fine. I will be second and will go to theater in around 2 hours. I really hope that my surgery goes as well as it did for you, and that I can have more healthy years with my children who are very young. Thanks again for sharing your experience!
  13. @Cindy Lou Who thank you Cindy, I am also a bit afraid of nausea, and having to vomit when the stomach is healing. Will try to walk a lot and sip, sip, sip (that is what my surgeon said too). i haven’t read everyone’s profiles yet. I hope you are doing very well.
  14. @Cheesehead @Boston Redhead Thank you for the messages, I really hope that it won’t be very painful, and above all, that I will survive : ) I expect that during the liquid phase after the op, it will be easier to break the carb addiction. This has been the case before when I have done low carb diets. many thanks again for taking the time to post, it means a lot to me. Have a good evening!