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  1. BrightDay

    Reaching out

    Hello! How are you doing? Did you get the results from the Ph test? I am afraid that I do not have any wise words, but just wanted to let you know that I really hope you can feel better soon and that the doctors find a feeding solution that will allow you to live a normal life. Your little boy is very lucky to have such a loving and caring mother, and children are so incredibly resilient, so I am sure that he will be fine. I wish you all the best and I have you in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. Congratulations on your maintenance!! I think that you look beautiful in both the before and after, but now you also look healthy. And what great legs you have!
  3. I don't have any advice but just wanted to say that I am thinking of you and hoping that the operation went really well today. All the best for your recovery and for the next steps of the treatment.
  4. @cindylouwhoWow, that is just breathtaking - congratulations on such a fantastic achievement!!! How long did you train to be in shape for the walk? It seems that the weather was gorgeous, with beautiful blue skies. Was that a glacier in one of the photos? You are a real inspiration, I hope I can follow your example some day. Thank you so much for sharing the photos of your trip with us.
  5. @BurgundyBoy many thanks for your comments! Yes, I think that I too may have a few more lines in my face, but nothing too dramatic. When I look myself in the mirror, I am surprised to see a sort of thin and younger face looking back at me. I am going to try to use more makeup to see if that helps to get rid of the zombie look : ) My surgeon suggested that my goal be 70 kg but the nutritionist said that to be normal weight I should aim to be around 63. It may be too low for me, but I will keep going to see how far I can get. I am 75ish now, so not too long to go!
  6. This week, it was three months since I had my surgery. I am completely recovered from the incisions and sometimes I forget that I am sleeved. I stepped in the scale this morning and when I checked the app in my phone (which is connected to the scale) it told me that my BMI is 29.9, so no longer in the obese range!!! It is very close, but still, my BMI is in the 20s now. I am very pleased that lately I have been losing weight very fast. I am not that hungry at all, so it is a bit of a challenge to make sure that I get enough protein every day. Just wanted to record that. I feel surprisingly well. However, two people have told me that I look very tired. It is strange because if anything, I feel more energetic than before. It could be that my face is getting thinner and they are used to see a plumper face with a double chin : ) It made me think whether I am in fact looking unwell.... despite that, I am very happy because my old jeans are fitting, and I am slowly been able to wear again nice clothes that had been put away for a long time. I am eating a sort of keto style diet, but with some berries that I mix in a protein shake. Yesterday I had the bizarre thought of what would I do if I cannot stop losing weight, as I seem to be in a very rapid weight loss phase. Crazy. I know that this will not happen to me, and that probably I will have the opposite problem once the honeymoon period finishes and I start the maintenance. We'll see. That is all for now!
  7. BrightDay

    Two Weeks gone

    I wrote this 3 months ago, and by mistake didn't publish it, so I am doing it now. ___________________________________________________________ Hello! I am not a good writer and have never written a blog, but I wanted to document what I am going through, because I have a terrible memory and unless I write things, I forget everything. I had my surgery two weeks and two days ago, and I am feeling better and better every day. I am still in the liquid phase - my surgeon requires three weeks of liquid diet - and sometimes I feel a little hungry (I think) and want to chew something solid. I am living off soups with protein powder mixed in, Premier Protein vanilla and chocolate shakes and water. Las week I had a horrible constipation so I also drank lots of prune juice as well. I will have an appointment with a nutritionist in two days and will ask about ideas for liquid meals and also for the next phase. My surgeon doesn't work with a nutritionist and I was feeling a bit aimless with the eating instructions I got from him. Hopefully the NUT will be able to help me also planning for a holiday that I have in one month time. I am going to the beach with my children and to be honest, I am dreading it a bit. It will be hot and I wont be at home with everything I need to prepare my meals. But it is only one week and the children need a summer holiday : ) In terms of stats, I weighed 99 kg the day of my surgery with a BMI of around 39. I have not had a follow up appointment with the surgeon yet (that will be 6 weeks post op) but when I went to see the pharmacist for my medication, I steeped in a machine they have to measure BMI and blood pressure, and apparently I weigh 90 kg. My scale at home marks between 91-92 but it is not a reliable scale, so I am going to wait until my follow up to see how much I have lost. But whatever it is, it is something, because my tops are loose and my pants are not as tight as before. Tomorrow I will have family visiting with me, so will have to do a lot of cooking. So far that has not bothered me, and I wonder of cooking will still be one of the things that give me pleasure, as I advance in this journey. I guess the answer is no, since cooking and eating (too much) is what brought me to this stage... My incisions are still a bit sore but I can move around in bed at night, so can sleep better, though I still get up every two or three hours for some reason. Than's all for now.
  8. Wow, amazing results! Congratulations!! Half a marathon - you are a real inspiration indeed!
  9. Not European, but live in Europe : )
  10. I am really happy with the results of the surgery so far but realistically it's still very early days. I hope that all will continue well. At least, I have dropped 22 kilos so far and keep losing, so in that sense the surgery is working. I felt identified with your story because I also had to fight with my insurance to cover the surgery, and underwent all kind of tests and consultations, but unfortunately I was not successful, so ended up paying for it myself. I was close to a BMI of 40, which was the cutoff, but by then I was tired of arguing with the insurance about comorbidities, and didn't feel like gaining another 5-8 kilos to get a chance qualify. But insurance companies are very different from national health services, so you will most likely get approval as you meet the conditions. Anyway, I wish you all the best!
  11. Hello! I can answer that because I had the same question not that long ago. I can only speak based on my experience though. I had VSG three months ago and although at the beginning I could only drink in very small sips, now I am able to drink almost normally. Not as fast as I used to, but definitely not in little sips anymore. Huge relief : ) I drink water and protein shakes. The only difference is the quantity. I have to take some time to finish a full glass, so in general find it difficult to hit the daily fluid targets. Also, the fact that you cannot drink immediately before or after meals makes it a bit more challenging.
  12. BrightDay

    Quick update

    Good luck on the appointment! I hope the Cleveland clinic can provide a good solution for your problems.
  13. That is great news! I hope the rest of your recovery goes as smoothly, and without any cravings for fried chicken : )
  14. Hello Alli, I am sorry you are feeling so unwell. I had my sleeve three months ago, and reading your post brought me back to the first two days I spent at hospital. I didn't have an UTI or thrush, but I had horrible nausea, could not keep any water down, and felt like my stomach was going to burst when I tried to vomit and nothing would come out. The first week was bad, but I slowly started to feel better and better once I was at home. Now, three months later I feel great, even despite some problems like constipation and some times feeling too full when I eat too fast and don't chew enough. At 6 weeks after the surgery I went on vacation to the beach and I could swim, eat tasty soft solid food and had a great time. I hope it will be like that for you too! I also had bad shoulder pain from the gas at the beginning, and I think that it also went away during the first week. It is hard right now for you, but hang in there because it will get better very soon, even if now each day and night feels so long and miserable. Do you have some help at home? My mom looked after me for the first 10 days and it was really invaluable. For the gas pain, she gave me back rubs which I think helped. My surgeon insisted that it was very important to keep up the fluid intake and proteins to help with the healing process. I measured and wrote down everything I drank for the first week to make sure I hit the targets every day - or at least close to it. I wish you the very best on your recovery!
  15. @PapaDavid Welcome to the forum David! I am new too, but have benefited immensely from the collective knowledge and kind disposition of the lovely people here. Best of luck for tomorrow! Having such a pro as @Nana Trish by your side will make the recovery so much easier. I am one week shy of three months after my WLS and feeling really good. All the best and keep us posted on your progress.