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  1. BrightDay

    Two months

    Dear @BurgundyBoy and @msmarymac thank you very much for the encouragement! I went to the exercise class today but it was such a struggle. Not only physically, but mentally. It is like my brain is trying to convince me to quit before I had even started. First, I wanted to cancel the class due to some superfluous excuse. Luckily, it was too late to cancel without paying a fee, so I ended up going. While I was there, I thought about stopping after just 1/3 because it was too hard. I forced myself to continue, but during the whole time I had this voice in my head telling me to stop and go home. I managed to do the whole 45 minutes, and at the end I was proud of finishing it and sweating a lot. I wonder if I will succeed in making exercise a habit, so it won't be so difficult. Perhaps it is too late for me, after a lifetime of not really enjoying exercise and just doing it as an obligation. However, I will give it a go as I know, like you said, that I will have better odds of maintaining a healthy weight (once I get to it!) if I keep going. Apart from all the other benefits that BB mentions which are of course so important. And about carbs, I take your points and completely agree. In fact, I think the nutritionist has a view, like @msmarymacmentioned, of the benefit of a balanced diet, including everything. But I am too scared of carbs so early on so will avoid them for now. Maybe later, after I am in full control of my body and impulses I will start incorporating them in moderation, though they have been my downfall before when I had been successfully dieting so perhaps I will avoid for good.....
  2. @cindylouwho What a fantastic trip!! Have a great time and like Jen said, take lots of pictures and please share some with us. You are a real inspiration!
  3. BrightDay

    Two months

    @tracyringo @Res Ipsa @Jen581791 Thank you so much for all the best wishes and advice. I will not go back to this nutritionist, because although very nice, does not seem to agree with a high protein low carb meal plan. Thank you Res for the link to Tuft Diet, I will take a look again. I also bought a book with recipes for sleeve patients which has some very good ideas. I have been 3 days to an F45 studio nearby as part of a two week trial, and have liked the classes so far. I do the exercises at my level and sort of try to keep the pace. Feel already fitter, if that is possible after 3 days of work outs. I agree that once I am lighter it should be so much easier - I so look forward to that so much. Many thanks again for your fantastic support, it means a lot.
  4. BrightDay

    Two months

    Hello! Exactly two months ago I had the sleeve. It feels like it was ages ago, but it was only two months.... I have continued to lose weight, I believe that I am 16 kg down already, and feeling very well overall. I still have some trouble eating proteins such as meat and fish. I went on a week long vacation abroad and managed to get almost all the required protein and fluids, despite the heat and days spent at the beach. Afterwards went away on a short weekend break and I vomited twice after eating sausages and salmon (on separate days). I think I may have eaten too much too fast, it felt like the food got stuck in my throat and would not go down. I am a bit worried that I needed to vomit to feel better recently, as this is something that I used to do sometimes before the sleeve when I had binge eaten. I have joined a fitness program and will start this Sunday. I am excited but I am not sure if I am too out of shape for that. I paid for a two week trial, so I intend to go at least three times per week to see how it goes. My nutritionist recommended a meal plan with plenty of carbs, including mash potatoes, pasta, rice, but because I was so addicted to carbs, I am for now ignoring that and just having proteins with very little portions of vegetables. I am afraid to start having cravings. In fact, some days, if I wait too long between meals I get a sort of mild urge to eat something filling, but thankfully have not had yet those horrible cravings for processed food both sweet and savoury. I am wearing an old pair of jeans that had been in the closet for more than a year and it is a fantastic feeling that they fit again. For some reason, I feel more feminine being able to wear clothes that are not baggy and shapeless. I had a haircut and have shortish hair now, which I think looks nice : ) And best of all, my knees feel much better when I go up and down the stairs. I hope that things keep improving weight wise!
  5. @cindylouwho What a great update! You are an inspiration to me, and I really hope that I can make it to maintenance and feel as well as you do. The hiking in the Alps in September sounds fantastic, I can only imagine how beautiful it will be. Please do share some photos when you are back! And well done for maintaining the healthy habits during vacations, I am impressive that you drove so far to go to WW meetings. If I may ask, when did you start going to WW meetings after surgery? I wonder if that is something that could be useful to me. I tried and failed WW many times before, so I wonder if after WLS it will be different. All the best!
  6. @cinwa Thank you!! : )
  7. I have been married for more than 10 years to a lovely husband. He's slim, a naturally healthy eater and fit, and has always supported me in my battle to lose weight. Anyway, in the last year I have been snoring loudly and often he had to gently wake me up for me to change position and stop, as I was disturbing him. Among many others, this was one of the reasons to have surgery, to improve my snoring and apnea. Anyway, last night he told me that since I had the surgery I have not snored once. It made me feel so happy! because I felt embarrassed and sorry for him whenever I woke him up. I hope this is a sign that the snoring will be gone for good - fingers crossed! I just wanted to document this, before I forget about it : )
  8. BrightDay

    4 weeks!

    Four weeks ago I have my sleeve, amazing how time passes so quickly. I am doing well, still in the puree stage for one more week. Mi biggest incision is still bothering quite a lot, with a stabbing pain that feels deep inside my abdomen. I consulted with the surgeon who said it was to be expected, but I feel that it is getting worse rather than better. I worry that it can be due to the fall down the stairs that I had early on, or some gardening that I did 12 days post op, where I lifted some weight. Actually, the pain started right after the gardening, so I am praying that the internal stitches are holding well and healing fine. I really would hate to get an incisional hernia! which of course, it would be due to my own stupidity. Anyway, I have my follow up appointment with the surgeon in a week and a half, so I will continue to take it very easy and wait and see. Other than that, I have recovered quite well. No more bowel problems (I am religiously having all the fluids and including fiber in my diet) and so far everything that I have eaten has agreed with me. My face is much less swollen, and I am starting to look more like myself before I gained the extreme weight. My uncle came to see me two days ago and told me that I was looking very well - I didn't tell him about the operation because he is a bit of an hypochondriac and would have given me lots of unsolicited advice - and encouraged me to keep going with the diet. So it is showing! But I can see that in my trousers which are looser and tops that are not that tight, even though the scale is more or less the same since last week. All in all, recovery is going well but it is still early days. I am working on having a healthy mindset and so far have not had any cravings at all. We shall see : )
  9. @Rob_VSG @burgundyBoy Thank you very much to both for the advice on going out to dinner, I think I will go and mention the small operation I had. It's in two weeks and a half, so hopefully by then I would be able to be eating a bit more.
  10. @Rob_VSGHello Rob, thanks for your message. I think I am doing very well! I started the puree phase and do not seem to have cravings for carbs yet. I have been trying to eat pureed protein, such as chicken breast with cottage cheese and pureed vegetables, and one protein shake a day. I seem to be hungry very shortly after I eat, so was eating something around every two hours. I am not sure whether this is normal or not.... The other thing that I find a bit difficult is to swallow pills as they seem to get stuck and cannot drink big gulps of water to make them go down. This is mainly with the gastric protector which is a big one. The others are either chewable or small. I went to see a nutritionist last week and I have lost 9 kilos, which I can noticed in my now not-so-swollen face and belly, so I am very happy about that. I hope it continues : ) My husband's boss invited us to a dinner in around two weeks and I am panicking. I don't know whether to decline or go and say I can only have soup. I won't say anything about the operation so I am not sure what to do or how to handle it. It is one of the things that worries me a little bit, because my husband is invited to a lot of work dinners and events with drinks and food.... Thanks again for checking on me, I really appreciate it. Have a good day!
  11. @burgundyboy I am doing much, much better! Can drink decent amounts at a time without discomfort. It is difficult to hit the 64 oz but I am just about managing it most days, considering that I am still in the liquid diet phase. Hope you are doing well and many thanks for asking. Have a great weekend!
  12. @TammyPHi Tammy, I am sleeping better but not fully comfortable yet. Have had other small inconveniences (fell down the stairs and hurt toe and had really bad constipation - needed two enemas) so the lack of sleep is not so high in the list of complaints anymore : ) thank you for asking!
  13. @TammyPHello Tammy! Just wanted to say that you look great, and so happy in all your photos. Hope your success in maintenance continues. It is really inspiring to see such fantastic results of two years down the line. Have a good day : )
  14. @tracyringo@cinwa Thank you very much for checking on me, that's so kind of you. At the end, I didn't need the pain medication, they sent me home with regular paracetamol tablets (this being the UK where people seem to have extremely high pain thresholds - I am not British by the way, and I miss to be able to have proper painkillers when in pain). I had a little pain on the incisions but didn't want to risk the horrendous nausea that I had in hospital, so I didn't take anything for the pain. I am now feeling so much better! Can drink better and faster, though I don't know if this is good or bad. I worry about stretching the pouch with the liquids, but have not felt uncomfortable or full, so I am guessing this is ok. Yesterday as I was going down the stairs, I slipped and fell down 5 or 6 stairs and ended up lying flat in the floor. It was very scary and I thought that maybe I had done something to the wounds (external and internal), but other than a purple and sore toe, all seems to be well. Such bad luck.... Hope you are doing well, and thanks again for your messages. Best wishes