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  1. By now you should be 3 days POST-OP .... I hope you're doing well!
  2. Depends...45 seconds to 2 minutes. Most of what I eat I can finish in 15-20 bites (I give myself a full 30mins usually). I need to get some kind of bowl or plate warmer I can have at work though when i'm trying to pace myself with warm/hot foods.
  3. I started sleeping on my side about 5 days post-op. Not long (maybe 2-3 hrs before it got uncomfortable). I'm close to 8 wks out and can fall asleep right on my stomach full night's sleep and sometimes wake up on one of my sides no problems.
  4. It did for me no matter how slow and tiny of sips I well sipped. It didn't matter ice cold water, room temp, or warm-borderline hot. Fiji, evian, filtered, tap...didn't matter. But I could tolerate super watered down iced crystal light perfectly (like 1/3 a packet to 14-16 oz water). I'm 7 wks close to 8 wks post-op and I really just started enjoying plain water (of any room temp) without any pain or nausea maybe 1 wk ago.
  5. I eat crazy slow super tiny amounts at a time with tuna or other fish...and chew until it's pureed mush texture. Some days I can take down 3oz worth no problem and some days maybe 1oz before i'm feeling "vomity". Eggs I can handle over easy, sunny side up or even hard-boiled. Scrambled and I aren't friends. Maybe sometimes the body doesn't like that "in-between texture".
  6. I can't STAND salmon anymore and I used to love salmon nigiri or salmon cakes or lox bagel. Dietitian says in a few months I might like salmon again :(. Flip side I used to HATE sardines and now lol I like them (but if they're in hot sauce or mustard only).
  7. Lol i've been surviving. I've grown to like cooked spinach and cooked zucchini more than I ever thought I would have. I'm still like 5 wks from being able to eat even steamed (or mashed-ish) sweet broccoli lol.
  8. I'm glad I can slowly begin introducing small amounts of some "regular" food back in a week lol :).
  9. How far out are they though? I feel like a dry scoop in my mouth be rough-ish on my stomach but **shrugs**. My stomach is pretty new still. I'm like 7 wks (almost 8) out.
  10. so I don't have to puree my scrambled eggs? I'm definitely going to check that website out :)…..thanks!
  11. Great answer Dani! I'm no expert at all 5 days out but these threads have definitely helped me stop freaking out and possibly becoming weight scale obsessed. I don't know if I can do only once a week but after weighing myself this morning I told myself no more until Saturday morning. I'm 18lbs down since my surgery day but mentally really only consider 7 of that real wl (I feel like 10 of that 18 was basically just water weight).
  12. I can't believe i'm saying this but I really can't wait for the pureed stage. I'm almost looking forward to figuring out what pureed eggs or pureed chicken breast with peas tastes like. I def miss eating stuff that isn't sugar-free gelatin or low-sodium/unsalted broth or crystal light (or water with ice chips).
  13. TheJuice202

    down 10

    I sure hope so. I got home 7/1 which was a full 75hrs out of surgery and was down 13lbs.