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  1. How did you do getting in your protein requirements in your 3-week "liquid only" period post-op? What is your favorite pre-made shake or mixable powder? I like the Premier Protein shakes, but I would imagine the same few flavors will get old fairly quickly?
  2. Hi everyone! I had my consultation with Nicholson Clinic and everything went great! I'm moving forward and hope that my insurance company doesn't have any issues with the paperwork that will be submitted after my psych and nutrition appointments. Scared, but excited!!
  3. Thank you so much. I have a consultation appointment next Tuesday which I'm both nervous and excited about. My hair is already on the thin side so I'm super afraid of hair loss. And then I'm afraid of finding a good doctor. And then I'm afraid of all the "life-changing" stuff I'm reading about. I"m still searching for something that explains that in more detail. Thank you for welcoming me!
  4. Hello all, I am new to this forum and VERY new to the idea of getting VSG. I am just starting my research and would like to also start talking to surgeons, but the choices are overwhelming. How do you pick "the best one"? Looking for recommendations on any in the Dallas area. Please share if you have any. Off to read more of the forum! Thank you!