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  1. Hi all I am getting a little frustrated\worried that my weight loss is not going as well as i expected, so i am just after a little sanity check. Pre op i started the journey at 136kg then went onto the 2 week shake diet, on the day of my op (1st May 2019) i was 126kg. I followed all the diet steps to a tee then finally weighed myself on 6th of June details below 6th June 115.2kg 10th June 114.3kg 14 June 113.4kg Things seem to be very slow, does this seem normal?
  2. Thank you all for your responses, this has put my mind at ease
  3. Cheers mate, but as usual you guys in the states have everything at hand, here in Australia things can be a little hard to get, i will search hi and low for them
  4. Yes i get the stuck tights feeling as well, i am glade now i know this is part of the healing, i thought something else was wrong
  5. Hi , It does seem to happen more with things like cottage cheese and thicker type fluids, I am making sure i chew absolutely every thing. My wife has become the sugar Nazi (NO SUGAR FOR YOU!) so everything that comes into the house now has very little sugar or none at all.I have had a very , As with the Jelly yes it is a sugar free version and not bad to be honest.
  6. Hi yes i am sticking to the measured amount of food each time
  7. Hi all I had a gastric bypass on the 1st of May and I am in the second week of the pureed food diet, I just thought I would ask a couple of questions to see if all is normal. I cannot really get use to pureeing everything so i have been having broths, cottage cheese, some pureed soups and jelly When eating at times i can really feel the food slowly going down my throat and most times i get a slight stomach ache after eating for up to 30 minutes, I was getting a little worried as I am about to go onto the soft food diet from Friday and was thinking if pureed foods do this what will c
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