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  1. Endoscopy WITHOUT sedation.

    That's terrible! I had a friend who had her's done without being sedated and i thought she was crazy! Now I know she must be because reading about your experience just confirmed it! I'm so sorry you had to go through that.
  2. Hello again! 5 years on...

    Hugs to you!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  3. If you're in a program, I would ask the doc. Some programs will tell you to watch how low the BMI falls because insurance may not cover it (some doc's will submit your weight info to the insurance company after you completed their program). My program wants us to lose at least 15% TBW and said that once you qualify for the program w your initial weight/BMI, then it doesn't matter how much you lose. In fact, the more you lose, the healthier you will be when surgery time comes.
  4. Headache

    Thank you for the info. addict, yes that's what I was asking. Thank you.
  5. Info sesh done... Hurdle #2 jumped!

  6. Headache

    Are headaches common after VSG or is it just in the beginning?
  7. Gastric Bypass At Tripler Medical

    My PCP is a civilian provider. What specifically is the referral for? Would she say, "recommending patient for bariatric surgery," or "recommending a bariatric surgical program"? Oh, and does the doc need to specify which surgery?
  8. Gastric Bypass At Tripler Medical

    Who or what department should I call to initiate the process of joining the program? I have Tricare Standard and tried calling the hospital myself and no one knows what I'm talking about. I ask them if they have a bariatric weight loss program and whoever is working the main phone line can't even pronounce "bariatric". Lol They ask, "what is that?" ... Seriously.
  9. Ok... Maybe VSG is not something i want at his time. I guess my only option is LB...

    1. cinwa


      Anjelika - before making your final decision, check with your insurance company. Many of them have a 1 x only WLS clause.

    2. anjelika


      Cinwa~ I just saw your comment now! Anyway, I hear ya and I did more research and VSG is what I want. Unfortunately, Tricare doesn't cover it.

  10. WISHING tricare covered VSG...

    1. mandapanda


      I had friends who had the vsg covered through tricare

    2. cinwa


      I have Tricare Prime - I could be wrong but it's my understanding Tricare are covering VSG's if done at a MTF's (Military Treatment Facilities) until Medicare picks it up completely.

  11. Hi everyone!

    Thank you so much, Cherie!
  12. LOL I thought I was the only one thinking this!
  13. So, if I have Tricare Standard, how do I get into a MTF bariatric program? I have civilian docs who can't refer me to a MTF. I tried asking tricare today, but the rep said that I can't have the VSG there. That doesn't sound right... Right?
  14. VSG and Tricare Prime (north)

    I have tricare standard and called them today to see if VSG was covered. She told me that it wasn't and that I couldn't go to a MTF either.
  15. Hi everyone!

    I'm baaaaack! ... After 2 1/2 years of putting my surgery on hold (because of my final pregnancy), I'm back to square 1. I was scheduled to have Gastric Bypass in September 2009 but found out I was pregnant. I took that as a "sign" because I had some concerns about what I was getting myself into regarding WLS. I knew that I wanted to do this, but there was that teeny tiny 1% uncertainty about the malabsorption and other side effects I was reading about on this website. Since I didn't have any comorbidities, I wondered what other "issues" I'd be taking on after GB. I was FREAKED OUT! Anyway, I'm back and I've been reading all about VSG and feel that maybe this is what I need. Of course, the fun killah here would be that my insurance does not cover the procedure. GAH!!! Is this yet another sign????? I'm not going down so easy this time. I'm ready for the fight cuz this change has been waiting too long! I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's journeys down whichever path they choose or chose! Let's do this!!!