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  1. I’m doing good! My mom was here helping me pack. I’ve been very careful not to lift anything. I do feel like getting all of my liquids and protein too is a full time job. I’ve been averaging about 55 gm. of protein each day. I only lost two pounds the first week but, I’m okay with that. I know my body is healing. The only real issue I was having was taken care of with smooth move tea. I need to figure out how to work fiber into my diet. Before surgery I took fiber gummies. I’m not quite ready for those yet. We close on Thursday this week and move in on Friday. It’s been nice to hav
  2. I made it to the other side! I’m on the bench! Woo Hoo! Overall I feel pretty good. I had some dry heaves and it was hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in last night but, considering that I just had surgery I’m doing alright! I fly back to Florida tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about the long flight.
  3. I think my body is adjusting to not getting as many calories as usual. I don’t have nagging hunger pains. It’s more like I get light headed or a bit spacey and can’t concentrate, then I know it’s time to have some more protein. I leave for Tijuana tomorrow morning and surgery is on Tuesday.
  4. Good morning, I started the pre-op diet last Wednesday. Man, this is no joke! I'm not sure how I'm going to make it to the 13th??? I can have one lean clean protein meal a day until a week before surgery. Other than that just protein drinks and bars. I've also been drinking broth for a break from the protein drinks. And just to make life interesting we are closing on our new home two weeks after I get back from Tijuana. We did some packing this weekend. It's hard because we are not closing till the 29th but, I'm leaving for MX on the 12th and won't be able to lift anything w
  5. I can see change! Your face is definitely slimmer!
  6. I need thoughts and opinions. My surgery is 8/13 in Tijuana. My first question is will I be able to walk upstairs? We were thinking of getting an Air BnB and I could only find apartments that suited our needs that you had to go up some stairs. Number two is would it be beneficial for my mom to come when I get home?
  7. Can't wait to follow your journey!
  8. I'm not in Kissimmee. I'm in SoFlo. West Palm to be exact. My surgery date is 8/13.
  9. So glad they found and took care of the diverticula. My mom had emergency surgery last year from diverticulitis. She had infection in her abdominal wall and had to have a colostomy bag for six while she healed. I’ve had bouts of it and my husband had emergency surgery for it.
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