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  1. I need thoughts and opinions. My surgery is 8/13 in Tijuana. My first question is will I be able to walk upstairs? We were thinking of getting an Air BnB and I could only find apartments that suited our needs that you had to go up some stairs. Number two is would it be beneficial for my mom to come when I get home?
  2. Can't wait to follow your journey!
  3. I'm not in Kissimmee. I'm in SoFlo. West Palm to be exact. My surgery date is 8/13.
  4. So glad they found and took care of the diverticula. My mom had emergency surgery last year from diverticulitis. She had infection in her abdominal wall and had to have a colostomy bag for six while she healed. I’ve had bouts of it and my husband had emergency surgery for it.
  5. This sounds so good! Thank you for sharing your pics! I mentioned before that our before stats are similar. You look amazing!
  6. @NerdyToothpick I’m self-employed. We have insurance but, wls is not covered. I came across Dr. Corvala’s name several times while researching surgery in Mexico. I read about your experience and others on another board and contacted his office asked questions. I had my mind made up that he was who I would use then I started questioning myself with this decision and asked my dad to help look into his practice. His research convinced me that he was the right doctor for me. My dad is traveling with me. He’s going to meet me in San Diego to cross the border. I have a question for you, do you follow a certain diet/ meal plan? Low carbs? Keto? Paleo? I want to make changes now and figure that I should start eating the way I’ll be eating once I can eat again. I eat pretty normal meals. I have a pretty mean sweet tooth though. *Edited to say thank you for the compliment. Compliments are hard, I'm sure others can relate. That picture was taken in Prague. I just got back a week ago from a trip to Europe with my mom. She wanted me to wear that jacket all the time to help her keep her eye on me, ha! Needless to say, I have it on in most of the pics I'm in.
  7. Love to see and hear about long term success!
  8. Can’t wait to follow your progress!
  9. @NerdyToothpick Wow, amazing! I appreciate you sharing what to expect and your words of encouragement. Since the surgery is not till August I have a lot of time to overthink everything as I am prone to do (insert shrugging emoji here). I feel a little manic, I’m so excited and then scared to death. Here’s a current picture of me.
  10. I spoke to the surgery coordinator today about staying in Tijuana for the two nights after I’m discharged. She said that I would have time to get to the airport. I like the idea of being closer to the hospital. @NerdyToothpick your words are reassuring that I made the right choice as far as doctors go. I’m scared to death about the whole thing though. I’m scared I might fail but, I feel like I have to try. At times I’m so sure this is the right thing and then I worry about how much I’m going to miss my best friend (food). I’ve put surgery out of my mind for awhile. I went on a trip with my mom. I’m back and now and it’s starting to hit me that it won’t be that long. I’m nervous.
  11. I’m excited to follow your journey. I’m a couple months behind you, 8/13.
  12. I’d like to start a blog but I can’t figure out where to go to do that. If someone would be so kind as to give me directions I would appreciate that!
  13. I decided to get a return ticket with no restrictions just in case.