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  1. Been awhile....

    Hey Vickie... I realize this post is months old, but, too, a in awe of your honesty and bravery. I am just now recovering from then end of a 2 and a half year relationship. I have handled the breakup healthily and hope to move on to a solid, lasting relationship. In this case, it was with a guy who suffers from depression and pulls back when people get too close. I can't fix him and he doesn't seem to try soit's time to move on. I'm kind of glad you chose to stay with your husband. I'm generally the loyal type. I hope you both continue to grow into something stronger.
  2. 3 Years post op & gaining weight

    Good advice, Phatlady! Good to see you are still working it! I'm up about three pounds over goal and decided to come here for support before I let things go. All in all, I'm still very satisfied with my journey, though. Terri
  3. Taking control BACK

    Hey Lisa, Thanks for continuing to inspire. I'm three years out and "just" a few pounds over my goal, but I need to be reminded of the vigilence that is needed -- especially this time of year. I love your honesty, woman. And I love how you found a true partner who holds you accountable1 Terri
  4. Mistymee...aka Kel's story...

    I needed my heated mattress pad well before gastric bypass. I can't imagine living without it now. Plus it really helps me keep my heat down at night, so I'm sure it has paid for itself many times over.
  5. Mel, I'm glad you stepped back before stepping back in. It's so hard to know our minds in new (and even longer) relationships, and the better prepared we are ... well, that's obvious. I've been dating the same guy for more than a year now and still don't know my mind well enough on the subject of us. We live an hour apart, and spend a couple of weekends a month or so together. I've almost walked away a time or two just because I wasn't sure he cared enough. Then he steps it up, makes it clear he really cares and I figure we are growing and so things are OK. Anyway, I hope this guy leaves you doubt-free on where you stand. If he's the one, I hope you'll move fearlessly ahead, sorting through the problems as they come. Good luck!
  6. Does Your Head Ever Catch Up?

    It's been two years and 160 pounds down for me. Somedays I can walk the walk of a thin person, but sometimes, just sitting, I feel as big as I ever did. It's really weird. And don't ask me how big I am in comparison to anyone else. Unless they are real extremes of fat or thin, I can't tell.
  7. I have been dating McDreamy about 7 months now, and it took me about 4-5 months to tell him, even though we'd had an active sex life after the first month or so. I did make sure lights were out the first time, though, and kept it to candlelight the next few times! But now I'm even comfortable in my skin if we have a little, ahem, afternoon delight. I'm 21-months post surgery. I've lost around 160 pounds -- about half my top body weight. I do have bags and sags, but mine are probably more typical of a woman who has had kids -- which I never did -- and my boobs are still in pretty good shape considering. Good skin runs in the family, and I'm athletic and have always looked younger than I am. McD and I are both in our early 50s, and he is three-years divorced. He's aware and accepting of the faults that come with age. "Patina," he calls it. And when I finally got the guts to tell him about my WLS (because he had made a comment about my always eating like a bird), his response was, "There but for the grace of God go I." We haven't missed a beat since, and we often split meals when we eat out. He loves it, because he doesn't eat as much as he would otherwise, and we're both satisfied with our portions. And it feels romantic to share that way. And it's nice to save the money, too, but that isn't the point. McD and I had a strong connection from the start -- there was a sexual electricity between us -- but also we really liked each other as people. We're still growing together. I hope you can find a McD out there who loves you for who you are and appreciate your body for what it is. My advice is tell the guy when you are comfortable. Don't wear your WLS on your sleeve, but if you think he might be surprised by what he sees in bed, perhaps sooner is better than later. Good luck. Terri
  8. So Many New Faces....

    Hey Jim, I remember you. I'm nearly two years out from surgery and NOT fat any more. I'm not on here much these days because I'm out there living life like it was meant to be lived, but I like to drop in from time to time. I'm thinking we need an inspriational TT poster featuring guys like you. Heh heh. Terri
  9. OT - Moving - happy panicky happy scared happy

    I am so glad things are working out for you!
  10. Messinger's Diary

    Marc, I've lost more than 160 pounds in 18 months, and in many ways, I've made the turn mentally. However, I always feel fat around my middle -- like nothing has changed. It's odd, and I'm not sure any amount of weight loss can make that go away -- even though I could stand to lose another 10-15 pounds. I'm definitely at the "work at it" stage. Had a big camping trip with some friends last weekend. We swam, snorkled and hiked all weekend, but people really brought a lot of food and I actually put on a couple of pounds! So I, too, have to get very serious to knock back weight-gain creep and keep it off. I'm glad your new career is working for you and I'm so proud of what you and your wife have accomplished! Enjoy those days away from the kids!
  11. Here's how I know I'm in love: The music I like is better when I listen with him; food tastes better when I eat it with him; I sleep better when I'm with him. The list goes on and on. McDreamy (my guy) is out West visiting with his daughter, and I really, really miss him right now. But we've got a weeklong road trip planned for later this summer -- how's that for a test of a relationship? I think we'll be fine, though.
  12. KARLOS

    Karlos, my man of sparkly shirts, I'm pulling for you. I know few people with your toughness and determination ... and under that flintiness, with such a tender heart. Gentle thoughts and ardent prayers for your recovery, pal. You know you are loved here.
  13. I miss the old thinner times

    I have to admit that the new forum has helped push me away ... but I'm also at a point that it feels OK for me to do so. But perhaps the newbies aren't getting as much from some of us oldtimers who got frustrated. Anyway, I'll check in now and again.
  14. McDreamy and I

    Hey folks, Sorry to have been such a stranger, but it has been an extremely busy time in my life. I'm happy to report all is well. I'm nineteen months out and down from my max of 328ish (possibly even 330s) to 161. I've traded my size 28s (probably should have been higher) for 12s and 10s. I'm still losing ... barely ... but I suspect I'll make it into the 150s. That's a great weight for me As some of you know, I started dating a really terrific guy (McDreamy) in January, and we are still going strong. We've even got a weeklong road trip coming up later this summer. We have had shorter road trips and did not get on each other's nerves at all, so I think we'll do OK. We both communicate well and are pretty flexible. I think we are moving into the very serious about each other side of things. He's out West right now for his daughter's college graduation, and I miss him. Two more weeks to go! I FINALLY told him about my weight loss surgery last weekend, and he was great with it. "There but for the grace of God go I," he said. In fact, his sister is considering it, and I'll probably see her on our road trip. So, if she wants, we can talk about it. I saw my surgeon about a week ago. He's thrilled (as am I) with my outcome. I feel so lucky, but I'm also thankful to so many of you here who helped educate me well beyond what the medical field provided. I haven't forgotten any of you ... I'm just out there living like regular people are supposed to. Thanks, Terri
  15. McNerd is Home

    Hey McNerd ... I've been scarce around here, but I'm so glad you had the surgery and have had such a good outcome. I had it pretty easy, too, but yours sounds like the ultimate in post-op experiences. I am so very happy for you. Terri