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  1. I’m using the same dr. Were you happy?
  2. I expect to have my procedure this summer!
  3. I just want to thank everyone for their kind welcomes and replies!!
  4. Hi! I’m Dana. I am 34 and new here. I was diagnosed with PCOS In 1999 and I’ve been struggling ever since. I’m in the very beginning stages of getting a sleeve. I know a few people who have had it in the last few years and were successful. My goal is to finally be able to get to a healthy weight doing weight watchers / calorie counting which I’ve always failed at because my hunger is insatiable with the pcos. I want to eat what I would like to have with my family in moderation and eat and lose like a normal person as long as all food is counted. I found many people on the Facebook groups to be very judgy and negative. They attacked me about wanting to eat small portions with my new tool of what I want to eat that my family is enjoying. I hope it isn’t like that here. I am not looking for a way to go hog wild and still lose. I simply need a tool to allow me to be successful in eating less and better.