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  1. I had a Lap-Band surgery on 03/2009. Besides the adjustments and food stuck couple of times everything went fine for the first years; I noticed some reflux after the 3rd year and I blamed the increased stress in my life at that time. I got some fluid removed that temporarily helped but made me gain some weight back. Then I got another adjustment and some fluid was added. Regardless of adjustments the reflux progressively worsened; however, I did not have health insurance at that time and all the expenses were out of my pocket. Then I got insurance that did not cover bariatric surgery or anything related to it . My reflux worsened to the point I had to sleep on a sitting position and even doing that at about 5 am I woke up almost every night throwing up gastric acid even by my nose. I was not able to eat big quantities of food, but in order to alleviate the acidity I ate soft, creamy foods that made me gain weight; I did not regain my pre Lap-Band weight of 202 lb but I was heading to it. I went to 189 lbs, but with a height of 4'11" my BMI was 38.2 with comorbidities (GERD, mild hypertension, sleep apnea, prediabetes) On August 2018 I change jobs and my new insurance covers bariatric procedures but my previous surgeon did not take it. I consulted a new surgeon who sent me for an Upper GI series that showed a severe gastroesophageal reflux even when I was standing and an Endoscopy that demonstrated a severe gastritis, but not ulcers. My surgeon and GI doctor agreed on removal of the band and conversion to gastric by pass, since the gastric sleeve may worsen the reflux. I had the procedure done on 01/11/2019 (the day before my birthday ) and my surgeon was able to remove the Lap-Band and converted to gastric by pass on the same day. The surgery was over 5 hours (band and stitches to hold it on place were very adhered and my surgeon was very careful and patient to removed them without harm). I stayed 5 days at the hospital, 3 of them without anything per mouth until I had an Upper GI study that showed everything was OK. With all the inconveniences of being in a hospital and not at home I noticed the dreaded reflux was gone. Today it will be 4 weeks after my surgery, 15 pounds down from my pre-surgery weight of 189 lbs (BMI 38.2). I have a left sided abdominal pain described for multiple RNY patients, but it is improving. I will be back to work this weekend. I have been sleeping a lot, for the surgery process and because I have been sleep deprived for years due to the reflux. My quality of life have improved significantly and I feel so happy and optimistic about the future.