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  1. tjk

    Next Level

    Day 28 I have lost 37 total lbs. I saw Dr yesterday and all seems fine. I was loosing 3 lbs a day, but slowed up some. Some days it is none or one lb. Depends if I have had a bowel movement I think. I am at 277 now. Drinking lots and moved to Level three which adds tuna, crab, salmon, lobster light cheese, Also ground chicken and turkey. I miss cereal and toast and salad, Yogurted up to the eyes. Trying to get protein in with LF cottage cheese and meat. Liquid yogurt is an option too. One month on the Level then at regular food level. I guess I hoped for the 3 lbs a day to continue--- maybe it will pick up
  2. Hi- I had gastric bypass Jan 23rd.(16 days) When do I begin vitamins/minerals?
  3. I am so very lucky to say- no complications and I feel very good despite tiring fairly fast. They found a lipoma and a small hiatal hernia as well. I had all three surgeries done in two hours. Two days in hospital and will try to return to work on Feb. 11th. Thanks for asking.
  4. I did it! Only two hours and they repaired a hiatal hernia I never knew I had and removed a lipoma. Resting with some pains but lots of love and some medicine to help that.
  5. Where do I paste my ticker? It says signature, but I'm not finding where.
  6. Hi- I am scheduled for RNY surgery on January 23. On the pre op diet for 6 days and counting. Not fun! Tomorrow is my pre op appt at Danville Geisinger with Dr. Gabrielsen.