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  1. I’m so sorry Bev I didn’t have this either but I’ve heard it can be terrible. I had my surgery a week ago today....maybe we can be buddies! Keep moving as much as you can. I know it helps’ve got this, one day at a time. Sending wishes this goes away soon!
  2. You’re half the man you used to be! WOW!!! I’m so happy for you!
  3. Wow I feel so much better knowing this is normal. Thanks to each of you for the kind words. I read somewhere that people think this is the easy way out of morbid obesity. How wrong! I had cream of wheat (infant portion) milked down today. I still chewed & savored each bite. I believe my surgeon is extremely technically talented but I got two conflicting papers with food timelines so I feel some consistency would help their patients. If I didn’t already work full time and also run an animal shelter I would offer to help them get something better going. Were any of you on insulin for a while after surgery and then free of it?
  4. I had bypass surgery 1/3/19. I have had a couple of bad/depressing days because I have actually gained a few pounds since surgery. This morning was the first time the scale moved down. I’m SO thankful. Excited to be here & find this group! I’m drinking my shakes - water, tea, a little coffee each morning. I have horrible bruising and wonder if that’s normal? It’s not AT any of my little sites but on my left side and one other place. DEEP purple. I’ve taken photos. Tomorrow is day 7 and I’m eager to have some warm cereal. I’ve had no problems taking in any liquids hot, cold...all are ok for me. So did any of you have terrible bruising? Did anyone else feel frustrated & have weight gain at first? What were the first things you took in after clear liquids?