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  1. Bev7o9

    Day one

    Feeling much better today although I still feel windy! The only pain I have is in my left side, almost like a stitch that comes and goes with position/movement. I’m not sleeping great (always been an insomniac) as I usually sleep on my side and I’m having to sleep on my back but it’s not having too bad an effect. I don’t feel hungry at all, not once had the urge to eat so I am drinking protein shakes purely because I know I have to. I still get a little pain when water goes down, right in the center below my breast bone, it a bit like when you gulp air. I feel pretty good though considering! Lost 5lb since last sat so that’s 14.5lb since the 27th Dec... how can that not make you feel good
  2. Hi all, I had my bypass yesterday, it all went smoothly and they say I might get to go home today. My only suffering is the trapped wind! I just can’t get it up, I was walking around at 1am and I’ve tried gripe water and peppermint tea. How long can I expect this to last? Bev
  3. Bev7o9

    Rice after a bypass

    Thank to everyone for your reply’s, this time tomorrow i will in surgery.... Few bits of nerves now but mainly excited for the new chapter, I’m already making hiking plans for the summer!
  4. Bev7o9

    Rice after a bypass

    Thanks for the tip, I bought ready made cauliflower rice in a shop once and didn’t like it but I will have a go at making my own Bev
  5. Hi, i am having a gastric bypass in 4 days and during a chat with my dietitian i was told rice is one of the hardest things to master post op. I am a massive rice fan, i literally could live of it and i eat chilli & rice weekly. Does anyone have issue with it or tips about eating it as i would hate to have to cut it out, id rather lose chocolate than rice! Thanks Bev
  6. So day 2 of my 2 week pre op diet and i am starving! any tips to keep the hunger at bay? I'm doing 2 meal replacement shakes and one meal but i feel weak with starvation. Bev
  7. Hi, thank you for your reply. I cant wait to be healthy again! I have had 2 knee surgery's during the last 18 months and this has made my weight an even bigger issue. I couldn't exercise and this made me put on more weight which made the knee struggle to recover, i have been told by my physio if i don't lose weight i could become permanently disabled. I know it wont be easy at first, i have been told fluids only and 70 g of protein a day for the first 2 weeks. I have noticed all protein drinks are sweet which might be hard for me as ive never been a sweet person and fear i will miss something savory. Its nice to have people to talk to who have been through the same thing. Bev
  8. Hi all, i am due to have a Gastric Bypass in 3 weeks, I'm wondering what insight people can give me, what do you wish you had know before hand? Any tips for the first few weeks? Thanks in advance Bev