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  1. Hello All. I am 4 days Post-op and getting used to all the small portions of eating and drinking. I feel a little sad to not be in control anymore about putting whatever i want in my mouth. Why couldn't I just control better before surgery. I am trying to focus on all the positive outcomes from having this surgery but gee whiz....1/4 cup of food! Just putting it out there as i feel like a truck has hit me. I just have a bit of soreness...but getting used to the drinking and it gurgling in my tummy. Did any of you feel down afterwards? Or just me.
  2. metamorphosister

    Gastric Sleeve in T-10 days

    Thanks everyone! My birthday is December 24th and I feel like this is the best birthday present I can give myself. I have only told a circle of friends and some family about the upcoming surgery. My parents are aware, but I have decided not to share with some family including my in-laws who aren't very supportive. My husband asked me when I would tell them and I am not sure if this is necessary right now. They have not shown to be very supportive in other health situations...ectopic pregnancy and gall bladder surgery. And I think from that its best to surround myself with support and not naysayers. Onward! @Loosing Lucy Very happy you pulled through ok. How are you feeling? I have a 6 yo so he is more aware something will happen, but I haven't shared specifics. We made sure he knows mommy will be going to the hospital but it is make mommy feel better. And I asked if he could watch movies with me when I am relaxing at home. He was all over that!
  3. Hi everyone! 10 days until surgery. In pre-op phase. Feeling so nervous, but happy to start the next phase of my life. How are you all feeling?
  4. metamorphosister

    Gastric Sleeve in T-10 days

    Yes. I am happy to take this path of my weightless journey. Just worried right now. I have been on a weightless journey for years....success and failures. I see my body as my mothers...who because of obesity has undergone so much surgery because of arthritis and other diseases. Knee replacements, back surgery, foot surgery. I have osteoarthritis. I see my future if I don't get this weight down. I am doing this for my health and to have a beautiful future with my son and husband and family/friends. Thanks for listening.
  5. metamorphosister

    Gastric Sleeve in T-10 days

    Hello! Countdown until my surgery on 12/27. I can say that I am a bit nervous. I am tidying up my lose ends in my biz and around the house to prepare. It's challenging being a parent to a 6 year old. But setting aside time to prepare mentally for the big day. Look forward to talking this journey...but I am also scared.