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  1. I wouldn't give some random guy those pics no matter what but the thing is I cant imagine even wanting to take them!
  2. Progesterone actually improves my mood and helps me to feel calmer. I think if you had to take a lot of it for cancer you would have an imbalance but right now I feel like I'm where i need to be. I have noticed my breasts are fuller which is nice.
  3. Im just curious if surgeons can do any imaging manipulation to show what you might look like after a certain surgery. I am looking at before and after of lower body lifts and the results are just so varied. In some of the after pics I almost feel like it wouldn't even be worth it if it's still going to look like that.
  4. I'm 4 years out and I am divorced. In general I hate dating but my biggest fear is getting naked with a man and having him see my stretch marks, loose skin, and that skin hanging down above my pubic area and he will lose interest. I haven't had sex in over two years. I'm afraid of anyone seeing me naked. I try to date but I have a hard time finding anyone I'm attracted to. Or I'm afraid really attractive in shape guys wont want to be with me. Guys ask for nudes online and I just cant bring myself to do that. I told myself I was not going to get plastics but this is depressing. I'm regaining weight too. I have no idea how I would even pay for it. But it's so depressing to still feel disgusted by my body when I have worked so hard to be healthy and to lose. I'm just having a pity party I guess.
  5. Thank you. I am considering getting plastics after I get back to goal. I think part of my issue is I worked so hard to get here and I still cringe when I see myself in the mirror. I'm single now and I'm afraid of even having sex, afraid a man will lose interest when my clothes come off. I always said I would never do plastics but even at below goal I feel flabby and over weight. Maybe it's all in my head and I'll never be happy with how I look? Maybe I need to get work done on my brain. I just hate that everything is sagging and dropping.
  6. Its frustrating because I went so long without cravings and now I have so much head hunger. It also feels like instead of my stomach feeling hungry, my small intestine feels really empty. Is it possible that my brain rewired and now senses when my small intestine is empty?
  7. I'm so disappointed in myself. I lost so much weight and kept it off. And then I just lost focus and I got on progesterone for menopause and I started regaining. I am now 25 pounds heavier than my lightest weight since surgery. I am 13 pounds above my original goal. I feel like I have no restriction left at all. I am so of course and when I see the numbers climbing on the scale it's so depressing and I feel helpless. I cant go back to my original surgeon because o switched health insurance. I have gone through major life changes, trauma, grief, illnesses and loss in the past four years. I just don't know what to do. If I get my sleeve redone is it just going to stretch out again in 4 years? How do I get over feeling like a helpless failures and get back on track? Thank you.