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  1. thank you all for your replys i think i am just gonna have to request that they test a different way. i called my surgeon and he suggested my ob just check my "serum blood sugars" which intails i have no idea what. but the A1C test is a good idea also. even though i do not have a hard time with sugar most of the time (i also dont sit around chuging bottles of maple syrup either though so how should i know) i just dont think it is worth the risk. i will just have to give my doctor a few options that are exceptable to me and he can choose from thoughs which he wants me to do...
  2. does anyone know the name of the test i should be requesting instead of the glucose tolerence test? my ob seems to think i will be fine doing the normal test but i strongly disagree and considering i am the one that will be spending the quality time with the toilet if i do it i think i get a say.
  3. i see my doctor tomorrow, last month he wasnt to worried but i have lost more sinse then, hell i have lost another pound just since yesterday! thats the thing to i would not be so worried about the weight loss if it were due to just morning sickness because i understand that is normal but i have had none what so ever and i am eating alot everyday and continue to lose.
  4. so i am 14 weeks pregnant and currently in my second trimester and i have lost close to twenty pounds now since i have been pregnant, i am trying to eat good so i can gain weight to be healthy for the baby but it is not working my goal weight was between 165-180 so its not like i have a bunch more weight to lose. my husband keeps saying i look like i am withering away did anyone else have this happen?
  5. thank you all SO much for your thoughts and kind words it really means alot to me to know so many people actully care enough to take time out of there day to share the happiness with me. love to all.
  6. thats so funny i am 11 weeks prego tomorrow and i swear last week i pretty much ate a whole watermelon all by myself! LOL i had actully went for a walk and deside to stop by the store on my walk back home and i saw that watermelon and i swear i wanted it SO bad that i actullly carried it all the way home in my purse! haha and we are talking the FULL size watermelon not the tiny seedless kind!
  7. Hey! My name is Melissa. I had RNY on Feb. 17, 2009. I've lost 146 since then. I am 27 :) If you have Facebook, my page is: Melissa Strombelline | Facebook You can text me if you'd like at: 814-806-7861

  8. had my second ultrasound to try to figure out my due date last week and thought i would share the picture i am about ten weeks pregnant now with a due date of febuary 23rd, 2011
  9. My OB"s specialty is with high risk situations but after meeting with him he said he hosently doesn't not feel like my wls will cause any problems what so ever with my pregnancy which is a releif to hear. He said that as long as I up my protein to about 100 grams a day and continue taking all my right suppliments then everything should be fine. He put me on extra folic acid just to be safe also.
  10. well i dont know you personally but i am definitly here with you i just found out about a week and a half ago that i am pregnate as well...i am a bit furter out that you but still before my year mark. it will be alright there is no need to feel embarassed it happens to alot of people and it sounds likes you took all the steps to prevent it but your body does what it wants to do and accidents happen just know you will have plenty of support and encouragement around here
  11. yes my goal is higher than my surgerons i would like to be somewhere between 165 and 180 but my doctor thinks more 150 to 160 but i still want to have some curves to my body personally i mean right now i am in about a 12 and i am still over two hundred lbs! so i would say that judging by your stats (which are fairly close to mine) that your goal weight would be healthyer for your frame. just my opition though
  12. YES YES YES ladys make sure you have yourself that nice juicy STEAK because i know i didnt and by the time i could eat it again i was DIEING! FILET MINON PRIME RIB NEW YORK your choice but DO IT yes i can eat is now but it really is not quite as apealing when you have to slice it paper thin and chew for five minutes...
  13. i had strech marks before and they are pretty much the same as before just not pulled tight anymore. i think that my skin is tightening up pretty well i thing the age helps, its not going to be perfect obviously but i just figure before surgery i didnt like my body in OR out of clothes and now i only feel that way when i am undressed so TOTALLY worth it in my book!
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