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  1. Yes, the pain is gone for now, thank goodness. I don't think the bladder medication had NSEDS, but that does bring up a great point...My medical dr. that I have been seeing forever and was my dr. when I had the gastric surgery has me on a baby aspirin everyday, which I have been taking for yrs!!!! After I read the post about NSEDS, I stopped taking them. Is is possible that this could have caused the problem??? Also, My bariatric surgeon has moved out of Florida. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated
  2. HI cinwa, No not yet, I am going to monitor it for now, and see when it happens again what I might have eaten to trigger it...Thank You for the concern though
  3. Hi Everyone, I am new to all this forum talk. I am 16yrs post op since my gastric surgery. Up until recently, I have really had no issues. Awhile ago I would get sharp and burning pain in my stomach. Not the right side and not the left side it was my entire stomach, which also would get hard and distend. I first though it was medication I was given a couple of weeks ago for an over active bladder, but I stopped taking it and still having pain, not all the time thank goodness but when it comes it COMES....