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  1. Loosing Lucy

    Day one

    Hi Bev, I can't answer re: length of time as I was lucky enough to avoid the trapped gas myself but just wanted to say congratulations and well done!
  2. Loosing Lucy

    Surely I am not meant to be able to eat this much yet!?

    I do get little burps sometimes but that can happen from the first bite depending on what I'm eating or how fast. I don't get any of the other signs you mentioned @Kio. Follow up with the surgeon went well @Nana Trish. He was ok with the portions i was eating after I told him what I'd discussed with the dietician re: taking longer to eat more now but speeding up to eat the same amount over time, not increasing portion size. He's pretty condescending about most things to be honest and doesn't ever tell you something is right but he also didn't tell me not to do that. I asked him if there was a risk to damaging my pouch by eating that way at all and he said no, everything is healing pretty well by now and he also adds a silicone ring around the pouch above the opening to slow emptying which he said would also protect the opening from any injury. He didn't seem at all concerned about the side seams and staple line.
  3. Loosing Lucy

    Surely I am not meant to be able to eat this much yet!?

    Thanks @Res Ipsa, it's nice to know that someone else was the same and it has been ok. Did you take long to eat your meals initially or were you able to eat them in a reasonable time from the start?
  4. Loosing Lucy

    Surely I am not meant to be able to eat this much yet!?

    I'm so glad I can eat eggs @Aussie Bear! It was the first non fluid thing I ate and I was soo happy they went down ok and I could eat them as an alternative to sweet shakes!
  5. Loosing Lucy

    Surely I am not meant to be able to eat this much yet!?

    Thanks so much for all the replies and advice everyone, much appreciated and no, not judgey at all @Nana Trish. @Jen581791 you make a good point about the nerves not being healed and working properly yet so maybe not getting the sensation of full as quickly as it's happening. I do get to a point where I start to feel pressure I guess is the best way to describe it and I take that as being full. As soon as I get that feeling I stop and don't continue eating. I wasn't really given guidelines about what I SHOULD eat, other than make sure protein comes first, the information I was given was just that I wouldn't be ABLE to eat that much. I spoke to the dietician yesterday who agreed it was a lot but said it was due to the length of time I take to eat. She suggested either speeding up, eating less at each meal and eating more frequently to get the protein in OR she was happy for me to eat that much over the longer time so it is easier to get fluids in (because at that size meal I'm only eating 3 meals a day) as long as I understand that over time I continue eating the same amount but the length of my meals should decrease so the size of my portions don't increase. I did check with her if she thought I could be damaging my pick at all and she didn't think so because of how long it takes me to eat. I've got a follow up with the surgeon tomorrow so I'll check with him too as to which approach he thinks is best.
  6. Loosing Lucy

    Surely I am not meant to be able to eat this much yet!?

    That's what I thought. No, not uncomfortable. If I ate one mouthful after another I most likely would be but I take a few minutes between each mouthful after I've swallowed and manage to eat it all without discomfort. Takes maybe 30 minutes. I sometimes wonder if the surgeon did the op at all!
  7. So I was told is only be able to eat about 1/4 cup of food at a time for quite a while post op and would get to about 1 cup of food at a time after about a year. But I'm already able to eat 2 scrambled eggs in a sitting. I take my time, chew well and take a few minutes between mouthfuls but still, it seems a lot! I'm waiting after drinking too so not that. Having said all that I'm still probably only getting about 400cal a day so not worried re: calorie intake other than being a little low maybe. I just wasn't expecting it.
  8. That's nice to know, thanks. Hopefully it will be the same for me. I do like dairy and such a good source of protein.
  9. Hi Bev, I just had my gastric bypass surgery on Monday. Not much pain after the first few hours and even that just felt like a bad stitch in one spot. Eased of as soon as I started walking. The biggest thing I've struggled with this week is getting enough protein in. The first few days it felt like I was swallowing a ton of air with the associated pressure after every mouthful. At first i thought it was just normal due to restricted space and swelling. Then i realised that all my protein was dairy based and i have become somewhat lactose intolerant (not uncommon apparently) which was causing A LOT of extra bloating. I tried unflavoured protein powder in other things but found i had to use a hand blender to get it to mix properly which in turn added a ton of air to the drink and again caused bloating (plus they do change the taste no matter what they say!). So lacteeze has become my best friend, no more swallowing air feeling and bloating, yay! And getting my fluid and protein in is becoming much easier... still only getting 35-40gm a day but working on it and hopeful today will be better. I'm almost feeling normal again other than the constant preoccupation with getting water and protein in! Good luck with your upcoming surgery, you'll be fine and the payoff will be absolutely worth it!
  10. Loosing Lucy

    Gastric Sleeve in T-10 days

    I'll bet he was! Unadulterated mummy time in front of tv! I told my bub (here's nearly 3) that mummy was going on the plane and going to the hospital for a few days to make me better and then he and daddy would come on the big plane to join mummy. Made him a calendar with pictures don he can cross off each day and see when everything is happening too. I'm actually feeling really good. Pain yesterday was intense but localised to one spot. Just felt like a bad stitch that wouldn't go away. Eased up once i got up and moved and has been fine since. Easier than a cesarean. Sipping water and shakes today and seem to be tolerating it ok. Plus all the oral meds they keep giving me! I can totally understand you not wanting to tell your in laws if you don't think they'll be supportive. I was reluctant to tell my family as they can be very judgy and opinionated. I did in the end just in case something happened to me I thought it was only fair but I started the conversation with 'I'm going to tell you something, if you can be supportive that's great, if not you don't get to weigh in, I have already made my decision and keep your opinions to yourself!'
  11. Loosing Lucy

    Gastric Sleeve in T-10 days

    Hi and congratulations! Not long now. I completely understand the nerves, I had my gastric bypass done yesterday so have been working through the nervousness for the last few weeks, especially as I have a 2 year old as well. @Cindy Lou Who gave me some very helpful advice and that was to listen to my logical brain, not the panicky one. It helped, a lot! Rather than let myself get caught up on the what ifs, anytime my brain started going there i would shut the thought down and concentrate on the reasons I was doing this and the benefits that would come from it. I'm pleased to say that I was actually quite calm and excited going in yesterday morning. And I'm feeling good so far today (fingers crossed it keeps on this way!) Good luck with your surgery, you'll be fine and just keep thinking about all the positives that will come out of it!
  12. Loosing Lucy

    Loosing Lucy - gastric bypass surgery today!

    I'm working on it, thank you!
  13. Loosing Lucy

    Loosing Lucy - gastric bypass surgery today!

    Naaww, thanks for thinking of me @Cindy Lou Who Mixed emotions. Mostly excited. Logically I know it's a great decision and I'm highly unlikely to die, and probably less likely that the statistics as I'm relatively young, at the low end of the qualifying bmi range and have no comorbidities (that i know of). I think I will be fine. I have a 2 year old so I'm determined that I will be ok. I can easily visualise a good surgery, recovery and outcome. Having said that I have had this lurking feeling for the last few days that it is my last few days and I can't quite shake that feeling. In sure it's just nervousness and normal pre- surgery fear. Just a little disconcerting though!
  14. Loosing Lucy

    What guidelines has everyone been given or do you follow?

    Hahaha I believe Nikov was my poison of choice... do you remember Nikov?cask vodka and orange... if you don't let me tell you, IT. WAS. BAD!!!!!!!
  15. Loosing Lucy

    What guidelines has everyone been given or do you follow?

    Thank you both, that's very helpful . I actually found that guide a few days ago Res Ipsa but didn't read far enough down to see the Stage 5 guidelines and example plans, helps when you read the whole thing! Can someone please tell me what Chili is? My assumption was a mince beef meal with spices etc but there seem to be a lot of other variations that people talk about so I'm guessing it's more a type of meal rather than a specific meal itself? and I'm sure I've seen people suggest it for the earlier stages before soft food is allowed... or is my memory loss coming into play again there?! Aussie Bear, you are right about the Australian dieticians.. and the surgeon. He was actually more skeptical people's ability to lose 100% of their excess weight and certainly of their ability to keep it off. His comment was that for whatever reason you got to this weight in the first place so why would all those reasons just stop now. The dietician advised me to set a goal at about 90-95% of my excess weight but her reasoning was more about not wanting me to feel like I had failed if I only get to 85kg and focus on the 5-7kg I haven't lost as opposed to the 45kg that I have. She did also emphasize protein and fluids first and encouraged whole foods (fruit, veg, whole grains) etc with treats as an occasional. I don't know what her usual approach or level of information is though... she asked a lot of questions about my current eating habits and got a pretty good understanding of my current level of knowledge about healthy eating before we started talking. I do have a decent understanding of healthy eating guidelines.. I just can't seem to follow them even though I know what they are! I can understand you not wanting to say anything about the dietician's advice in the appointment but did you tell her bollocks to that when you got out? or doesn't she take kindly to information from family? Aussie Bear, you mentioned that you ate a banana, I would have thought that that would be too high on the GI index (not that I've done that much investigation into GI value of most foods) if you have RH... or can you still eat fruits? you are giving me high hopes right now that even if I do get RH that I will still be able to eat a wider range of food than I thought - I have been picturing protein and green veg only type diet, similar to what I'm doing now with the optifast - but if I can still have some fruits and a wider variety of veg I am happy with that!