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  1. Loosing Lucy

    What guidelines has everyone been given or do you follow?

    Hahaha I believe Nikov was my poison of choice... do you remember Nikov?cask vodka and orange... if you don't let me tell you, IT. WAS. BAD!!!!!!!
  2. Loosing Lucy

    What guidelines has everyone been given or do you follow?

    Thank you both, that's very helpful . I actually found that guide a few days ago Res Ipsa but didn't read far enough down to see the Stage 5 guidelines and example plans, helps when you read the whole thing! Can someone please tell me what Chili is? My assumption was a mince beef meal with spices etc but there seem to be a lot of other variations that people talk about so I'm guessing it's more a type of meal rather than a specific meal itself? and I'm sure I've seen people suggest it for the earlier stages before soft food is allowed... or is my memory loss coming into play again there?! Aussie Bear, you are right about the Australian dieticians.. and the surgeon. He was actually more skeptical people's ability to lose 100% of their excess weight and certainly of their ability to keep it off. His comment was that for whatever reason you got to this weight in the first place so why would all those reasons just stop now. The dietician advised me to set a goal at about 90-95% of my excess weight but her reasoning was more about not wanting me to feel like I had failed if I only get to 85kg and focus on the 5-7kg I haven't lost as opposed to the 45kg that I have. She did also emphasize protein and fluids first and encouraged whole foods (fruit, veg, whole grains) etc with treats as an occasional. I don't know what her usual approach or level of information is though... she asked a lot of questions about my current eating habits and got a pretty good understanding of my current level of knowledge about healthy eating before we started talking. I do have a decent understanding of healthy eating guidelines.. I just can't seem to follow them even though I know what they are! I can understand you not wanting to say anything about the dietician's advice in the appointment but did you tell her bollocks to that when you got out? or doesn't she take kindly to information from family? Aussie Bear, you mentioned that you ate a banana, I would have thought that that would be too high on the GI index (not that I've done that much investigation into GI value of most foods) if you have RH... or can you still eat fruits? you are giving me high hopes right now that even if I do get RH that I will still be able to eat a wider range of food than I thought - I have been picturing protein and green veg only type diet, similar to what I'm doing now with the optifast - but if I can still have some fruits and a wider variety of veg I am happy with that!
  3. So my dietitian hasn't gone into specific guidelines for long term eating yet, only the initial post surgery phase. She has said that I will essentially be able to eat any healthy whole foods, not to worry about fat or carb content as long as I'm getting my protein in as I won't be able to eat enough of anything to cause an issue or slow weight loss anyway. I'm just wondering what sort of guidelines everyone has followed re: calories/ food types/ frequency of meals etc?
  4. Loosing Lucy

    If this doesn't motivate you nothing will!

    No I agree, it's not that gory but I'm ok with that kind of stuff anyway. It was the amount of fat around the intestines and kidney that really got me.. and the size of the liver, and the size/ thinness of the heart wall... well ok, all of it was pretty eye opening! I wonder if the surgeon will take photos of my internals while he's doing the surgery for me. They would be GREAT motivation if I started waiving!
  5. So I watched this show yesterday, Autopsy of an obese woman. It shows the full autopsy on detail, the impact of obesity on your organs and the masses of internal fat tissue surrounding the organs. I would guess that the woman was pretty comparable to me in BMI. I have to say it was very motivating and put my concerns about the risks of surgery/ complications well into perspective! I am now back to being super excited for surgery and the 17th can't come quick enough. I am ready to stop destroying my body and do everything I can to repair the damage I've done. Here's the link to the show if anyone is interested, just a warning it does show full details of an autopsy so not for everyone. I feel very grateful to the woman who donated her body so others could learn. https://youtu.be/8jn67tdEGY4
  6. Loosing Lucy

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    WOW!!!! What a transformation, You have done an amazing job!. Looking at your pics makes me very excited for my own surgery in 10 days! I hope my before and after pics are just as fabulous as yours! Very inspiring.
  7. Loosing Lucy

    Hypoglycemia after RNY, how common/severe

    Thanks for the articles cinwa, and the feedback from everyone. Aussie Bear, like you I suspect I already have hypoglycemic episodes on occasion after reading the symptoms and my A1C tests also come back in same range, despite the large amounts of sugar that I eat on a regular basis. I've always been glad of this, that my body has adapted so well despite how badly I treat it. I just hope it doesn't come back to bite me now. Does anyone know if the risk is lower with a SG? I know it can still occur but is it less likely? I'm still not keen on the idea of having most of my stomach completely removed though.
  8. Loosing Lucy

    How long?

    That's amazing Sama, well done!
  9. Hi all, I've been reading through lots of old posts and am noticing a reasonable number regarding post bypass hypoglycemia. Seems like it's actually quite common and sometimes quite debilitating with very little that can be done to treat it. I'm starting to get a little worried as I currently don't have any health conditions (other than being morbidly obese) and my reason for doing this is to reduce my risk of developing any sort of disease/ health condition. It would really suck if in my attempt to avoid that I developed a very debilitating condition as a result of the surgery! There also seems to be very little research into the issue. Has anyone seen any (credible) research on prevalence and prevalence of the various severity levels. What I've read ranges from 0.36% to about 36% although I think that was including all severity levels.
  10. Loosing Lucy

    The terror is taking over!

    Thanks so much for the encouragement and understanding everyone. It really helps to be able to express how I'm feeling and get constructive feedback. I tried to talk to my husband who is essentially supportive but doesn't do talking well and tends to think you shouldn't entertain any sort of negative thoughts. It helps to hear that life isn't as completely controlled by weight/loss/ management after wls as it is before and perhaps less than I thought. You're all right, baby steps and planning, that always makes me feel more in control as you say and therefore calmer. The reminder about the stats and that I have made my decision for a reason is also very helpful, thank you. It's not the stats that help me, although they are comforting, for me it's being well informed and knowing I've considered things from all angles that makes me feel more at ease. I'm sure I won't regret it afterwards and am not second guessing my decision now, just riding the wave of emotions and thoughts that inevitably goes with big decisions.
  11. Loosing Lucy

    The terror is taking over!

    Today I paid the surgeon and anaesthetist fees which confirms my booking and has just made it all very real.. I am going to have surgery to cut my stomach into 2 and rearrange my intestines, leading to a lifetime of daily monitoring and never being able to just eat without literally thinking about every single mouthful to ensure I'm not overeating or under chewing. At least, this is my current perception. Of course, there are the many many benefits which will far outweigh all of this and I obviously need to think more carefully about what I put in my mouth, both being the reasons that I am doing this. I still think it's a good thing and I don't really feel like I have a choice if I want to improve my health as I've been yoyo-ing for over 20 years now. Initially I was super excited but like I said, it's now becoming a reality and the terror is taking over! I'm sure this is totally normal and thousands before me have felt and posted the same thoughts but still, thought I'd put it out there in the hopes that it makes me feel better!!
  12. Loosing Lucy

    Brattykid's GBP Surgery Day!

    good luck today! Hope everything goes well for you. Let us know how you go
  13. Just a thought, it couldn't be something else altogether could it? Neurological maybe? Not all but a lot of the symptoms you're describing, fatigue, concentration etc sound like they could have neuro cause and if they can't find anything wrong from a GI perspective maybe it's worth checking other things?
  14. Loosing Lucy

    How hard has it been to change your behaviours?

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I definitely do better with routine and structure and tracking certainly helps too. I get sick of tracking constantly after a while and I think the times I've got to goal weight and regained I probably got too complacent and confident having just lost so much weight. Hopefully I've learnt from my mistakes and will make sure I continue to track and monitor once I get to GW! Well just have to be super vigilant and real with myself. I usually know when I am making excuses so will just have to give myself a kick in the butt and stop myself before I begin.
  15. Loosing Lucy

    How hard has it been to change your behaviours?

    Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. I feel like it will be easy to begin with and I have always lost weight easily when I stop eating the crap but then again, I have found I have easily stopped at other times as well but at some point (whether it be a week or 6 months later), my brain just switches and says nah ah... you want food, and when that happens I don't seem to be able to stop myself and I stack everything back on and then some.