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  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time and condolences on the posing of your FIL and mum. It definitely sounds like you've had bigger things to worry about (especially now that you're 80lbs smaller which is so cool!) and you've done an awesome job thus far. Be kind to yourself, enjoy your success so far and don't beat yourself up when you're dealing with and adjusting to do much else. I don't know about you but I feel like I spend so much time focusing on the ideal goal that I sometimes forget to appreciate where I am and what I've achieved right now. But I actually took stock yesterday. I've lost about the same amount as you and while I'd definitely like to lose more, I realised that if this was my new stable weight I'd actually be relatively happy where I am. I hope things calm down for you soon and that all the hard stuff is over. How did you go after your biopsy? Hoping everything was ok for you.
  2. Nice work! Well done. And love that comparison Jen!
  3. Thanks everyone! It is so nice to have the mental, emotional and physical energy to run and play with my bub in the way he deserves. And to be able to get out hiking again, with him, knowing that if he gets tired I can actually carry him and still walk out which I never could before (as I was essentially already carrying the equivalent of 2 of him ) which I had to do the other day and made it! Also NSVs... I can sit in a plane or hairdressers seat with room to spare and I am nearly down to a AUS 14 and have just about got back into all of my 'one day I'll wear them again' bag of clothes (although on getting into them I promptly put them I the toss pile because I am now way too old to be wearing half of it )
  4. Well, I'm just over 6 months post up now. The last six months has been huge for me in many ways. I have lost 93 lbs and have just hit Onderland. In kilos I am now down to 89.9 kilos which is the lowest I've been since uni 10 years ago. I have also separated from my husband which has been a really positive thing. It had been a very negative and quite toxic relationship for a long long time. He still lives close by, we have a three year old son who we both see everyday still and my husband and I are now getting along brilliantly as friends and have the best relationship we have had in years. I have also decided to leave my job and I'm going into Private Practice which will allow me to work the hours that I want and put me in a significantly better financial position. 7 months ago I couldn't have imagined how happy I would be at this point and how dramatically my life would change. Having the surgery was the best thing I could have done. It has been the catalyst for the other major changes that have been so positive and I haven't regretted it for a second. When I decided on my screen name Loosing Lucy I was hoping that that is what would happen but I couldn't have imagined how successful I would be at achieving that in so many ways.
  5. I have private health. Out of pocket expense was $7000 for bypass plus hospital admissions fee of $400 I think but that will depend on your health insurance.
  6. That's amazing Trish! Congratulations!!!
  7. I was on full liquids, including yoghurt after the first 24hrs for 2 weeks them puree, including the eggs for 2 then soft foods for up to 12th week but surgeon was happy for earlier progression as long as I was tolerating it. The theory being that whole foods are better as they keep the pouch opening from overhealing and creating a stricture. 9 weeks out now and had a chicken and coleslaw wrap for tea last night. As long as I chew well and the food doesn't clump like bread does then I seem to be able to tolerate most anything, which is nice.
  8. I didn't get offered it, I just asked him repeatedly! No way he would or could have given me access to the whole video as it is part of my medical records so they can't show you. But he can use it deidentified for teaching purposes which is what he's doing so it's technically posted publicly and he sent me the link.
  9. I asked my surgeon if he could take photos or video during my surgery so I could see just how much internal fat I had, just to give me some additional motivation if ever I need it. Well, he came through with the goods. Definitely some good motivation in this video! SO, MUCH, FAT!!!! My poor organs! If anyone is interested, here's the link. It doesn't show the whole surgery, just sections at double speed, about 3 minutes total.
  10. Hey @Aussie Bear, how have you been going this week? I'm very interested to hear your results. I work for MS here in Tas and have had a lot of clients tell me their MS progression has stopped after changing to an anti inflammatory type diet.
  11. Hi Bev, I can't answer re: length of time as I was lucky enough to avoid the trapped gas myself but just wanted to say congratulations and well done!
  12. I do get little burps sometimes but that can happen from the first bite depending on what I'm eating or how fast. I don't get any of the other signs you mentioned @Kio. Follow up with the surgeon went well @Nana Trish. He was ok with the portions i was eating after I told him what I'd discussed with the dietician re: taking longer to eat more now but speeding up to eat the same amount over time, not increasing portion size. He's pretty condescending about most things to be honest and doesn't ever tell you something is right but he also didn't tell me not to do that. I asked him if there was a risk to damaging my pouch by eating that way at all and he said no, everything is healing pretty well by now and he also adds a silicone ring around the pouch above the opening to slow emptying which he said would also protect the opening from any injury. He didn't seem at all concerned about the side seams and staple line.
  13. Thanks @Res Ipsa, it's nice to know that someone else was the same and it has been ok. Did you take long to eat your meals initially or were you able to eat them in a reasonable time from the start?
  14. I'm so glad I can eat eggs @Aussie Bear! It was the first non fluid thing I ate and I was soo happy they went down ok and I could eat them as an alternative to sweet shakes!
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