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  1. My doc did say I was ok to do low intensity cardio this soon - and higher intensity plus weight training at 4-6 wks on. That probably wasn't a *recommendation* though as much as permission. I have been on very low carb since the first of the year, so wasn't thinking of carb flu at all - it was my medically supervised diet of choice, and I stayed on it through my liver shrinking period and surgery. I will look into glutamine - and I should also consider adding magnesium and potassium as my old standbys for the carb flu. Thank you!
  2. Snow machining. Cross country skiing. Fat tire biking. Ice skating. (from Alaska here... although I now live in Seattle.)
  3. Hi! Two weeks post op and all is mostly going really well. I've been doing my 40 min of walking a day, but am trying to re-introduce some actual low-key cardio - 20-30 min on exercise bike. (With my doctor's support.) I'm hitting a wall with that, as my calorie intake is so darn low I'm running into headaches and tiredness the rest of the day. Pre-surgically I'd call it low blood sugar (non clinically speaking), but that's my life now. I'm getting plenty of protein - 75-100g a day - and 80-100 oz of water. I'm also slowly phasing in multivitamin supplements. How do y
  4. I share your preference for clean unprocessed whole foods, and also low carb/no sugar. I’m still in stage 2, and while I did do grab and go shakes for a few days, I am trying to shift to real food. I’ve been making smoothies with coconut milk, fresh berries, greens, Greek yogurt, peanut powder (a semi-Frankenfood), egg custard, dark cocoa powder. I still need to supplement protein, but I feel better, and more positive about what I’m eating/drinking. (Note - you can de-seed berry smoothies using a French Press) I’m also making puréed soup - tiny portions are hard! Cream of mushro
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