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  1. I never saw my daughter's size as anywhere near possible. I figured 150 would be a pipe dream. I havent weighed less than that since I was 21 (Im 51 now). Luckily I have been VERY careful not to pass my body issues on to my daughter. She has a very healthy sense of self esteem. Anyway, I am not really trying to get that thin, I think she said she was 125 or so at 5'6. I cant even fathom being that small myself. I havent been a size 7 pants since 9th grade.
  2. oh my gawd. I am looking at your post and I'm thinking size TWO? Your starting weight is a little higher than mine and we're roughly the same height so then it dawned on me that there is a small, but somewhat possible chance that I could be that skinny?? My daughter is 14 and a size 5 or 7 in pants and I actually said to her "well of course I wont ever be as thin as you but maybe we could share some clothes". Like a size 2 is tiny! Now you have me thinking...could that be possible for me to be my daughters size? Also OP...I have no advice as I am pre op but you look great
  3. MeadowBlue

    Feeling heavy

    Im still in the pre-op process but now that I can actually visualize myself 80 pounds lighter I cant stop noticing how HEAVY I am now. I wonder if others feel this way. Like when I go walking at night I feel so heavy, I can't stop thinking about how much better and easier I'll feel even 10 pounds lighter. It makes it hard to carry all this extra weight once I've become so conscious of it. Also the worst thing is doing power walking or swimming in the pool at the gym, once I step out I feel SO HEAVY!! I can hardly take the first few steps because the full weight of my body just feels overwhelming. I just want so badly to rid myself of that heavy feeling and know what it feels like to have energy and not be so weighted down.
  4. MeadowBlue

    Hair Loss

    I’m already feeling like my hair is getting thinner and I’m pre op! I’m really worried about hair loss too. I guess everyone is different. Seems like all you can do is get adequate nutrition and hope for the best. ( I’m attributing my hair loss to menopause, not sure how much worse it can get )
  5. MeadowBlue

    New just finished tier 3

    I had my nutrition class today and learned I’ll have to take vitamins 4 times a day. Yes it’s a sacrifice but I assume with a tiny pouch I’ll be eating about 4 x a day anyway. I’ll have to just get used to it. Doing these maintenance tasks all day should eventually become a habit, wouldn’t you guys say? Eating, drinking, vitamins, protein...?
  6. MeadowBlue

    Dodgy tummy :(

    I had this same thought, what if I feel nauseated. My cure is always carbs! But I live in CA where cannibis is legal and I still prefer to just use CBD oil. I dont like the feeling of being stoned. I use it for migraines and it helps a lot. Nausea is one of the main issues and it helps take it away.
  7. MeadowBlue

    Im just starting this journey. A little scared

    I cant thank you guys enough for the reassurance. I am feeling much better now on my decision. The challenge now is to get through the process. I am booking appointments left and right. My doctor is VERY thorough. I know that I will have to take it one day at a time and one appointment at a time but it's so hard when you finally decide to do it and you still have such a long road ahead just to get the surgery!! I am going to try my hardest to be patient. I'm one of those people who I know will kick myself and go "why didnt I do this sooner??" The fact is I wasnt ready. I am definitely ready now. I am so excited at the prospect of being able to be more active, to wear more clothes, to possibly ditch the cpap, to look better for my husband. It's a very long list of positives. I just want to get this show on the road!
  8. Hi everyone. I am just beginning the process of having RNY. My surgeon doesn't like to do gastric sleeve as he feels the studies are providing poor statistics about regain. I am actually not one of those people who has always been heavy. I was thin up till my 20's and probably due to emotional issues I began putting on weight in my 20's, in my 30's I was about 40 pounds overweight and it spiraled from there. I was at my heaviest (250) after my first baby and kept that on till about 6 years ago I got down to 170 through diet and going to the gym 6 days a week. I was sure that took care of it and I'd never go back. How many people say that!? Anyway I am now back up to 252 as of today and feeling pretty hopeless that I could ever do this on my own as my efforts have not been rewarded. I eat fairly healthy, 2 servings of veggies a day, lots of protein, low carbs, dont drink my calories, but I CANT lose weight. So here I am ready to surrender. I am so scared of this surgery though! I fear the leaks and gross out side effects. Being gassy and having smelly poop for LIFE. I hope those things don't happen to me. But at this point I feel I have literally no choice. I absolutely cannot go on like this. I feel so heavy. I struggle to get in and out of a bath tub. I have achey joints. I hate the way I look in clothes. I want to feel light and free. I want to just feel like a normal person. If you read articles on the bypass they scare the hell out of you. You'll have bad health problems, you'll get divorced, you'll be depressed. Im already prone to depression so that scares me. I met my husband at a size 10 so I am hopeful that our dynamic will not change for the worse if I lose weight. But who knows?? I want my life to change in a positive way. I dont want to do this and then lose everything. I am hoping that because I have not been heavy my whole life maybe it wont be a huge shock to be thin, and maybe I could adjust ok? edit* forgot to mention I am going through UC Davis which I feel is a huge advantage. I have read about people being referred to Davis from botched surgeries so I am hoping that I'd benefit from the vast experience of my doctor there. Thank you for reading...any words of wisdom would be appreciated!