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  1. MeadowBlue

    orthopedic surgery after gastric bypass?

    Very good insight thank you. I think I'll just try to be patient and get through the bypass first then re-evaluate
  2. Hey guys. I have a pretty painful and prominent bone spur on my heel. My orthopedic surgeon said I could try to work on lengthening my tendons to reduce the pain but ultimately I will probably need surgery to shave it down. I've been in pain for about 3 years so I'm worried that I will end up having to do this surgery. I am currently trying to stretch and use physical therapy to keep it in check. I do NOT want to do the surgery before gastric bypass, as I feel laying around for months will absolutely result in significant weight gain. You have to stay off the foot for a long, long time and I feel that boredom, depression and being sedentary is a recipe for disaster. If I can just do the bypass first I feel perhaps I could piggyback on that down time and at least not gain weight. I know it take a lot out of your body to do major surgery and I dont want to overtax my healing abilities. Has anyone had to have a surgery after bypass? There is a slight chance that losing a significant amount of weight could ease my heel pain so I also want to wait for that reason. Thoughts?
  3. MeadowBlue

    Not feeling right...

    Do you still have a gallbladder? That would be my first thought
  4. MeadowBlue

    Random questions for "after'

    Honestly it sounds like your experience has been great! I am hoping for a similar outcome
  5. I am feeling like I'm in limbo. I dont have a date yet and I certainly dont want to gain any more weight but it's difficult to give diet and exercise 100% because I'm in a funk. I keep telling myself I've got to get completely off sugar as I know I will have to. I am back on caffeine after a long struggle and I know eventually that has to go (doctors orders). I am mentally just waiting to get approved and I know that's wrong but it's hard to stay motivated when i feel like my diet efforts are always in vain. I am definitely not going crazy with food funerals or anything, I am trying to remain high protein and only allow myself one meal a day with carbs. It just honestly takes drastic effort for me to actually lose anything and it's hard to really put a lot of effort into it with winter depression kicking in and all of the feelings I have of being stuck. I'm just being honest here, I know I should be trying harder but I have a mental block I think because I just feel like I'm in a holding pattern even though I am knocking out the numerous appointments I'm being required to do. I am just growing so impatient to get on the other side of this huge mountain!
  6. MeadowBlue

    Did you plan ahead for work clothes?

    I plan on wearing a lot of black leggings and tunic type tops on the journey. I figure you can just keep buying leggings in smaller sizes and thankfully tunic tops are super "in" right now so I feel they'd fit for a few sizes. You can wear dressy shoes and nice jewelry to dress this kind of outfit up for work or boots and sweater for more casual. (Thats my plan anyway) Also as gross as it sounds garage sales have clothes really cheap. I hit up one in my neighborhood which had really expensive stuff in great shape.
  7. MeadowBlue

    Going bald! Help!

    I completely understand as I lost a lot of hair when I was starving myself and taking Phentermine. I bought a lot of hair pieces and extensions and cut it into a bob. Im really scared of that happening again but I will say I'm so envious of you because youre over the mountain and going down the other side. You had your surgery, youre losing weight...thats huge. Im still waiting for a surgery date and sweating it out wondering how long I have to stay fat till i can get help. You are so lucky to be where you are! Thats not to say you shouldnt be upset because honestly I care more about my hair than just about any aspect of my appearance. I know it's hard but youre losing hair because youre losing weight and thats a good thing. Have you looked into hair toppers? I paid about $150 for a human hair topper when my hair thinned out on top and it helped a lot. I could see how something like this would be a good aid till it grows back: My hair is also long but I've resolved to just cut it to a nice bob and add some hair pieces if it decides to fall out.
  8. MeadowBlue

    Im just starting this journey. A little scared

    I felt the same way when I had surgery for other things, probably 5 surgeries since I became a mom and every time I freaked out and drew up a will! The odds are most definitely in our favor though. You have a far greater chance of dying in a car accident on the way to the hospital than on the table. I am really hopeful now. I am about halfway through the required tests. Its a LOT!!!! I would be thrilled to get a surgery date by the end of the year but it'll happen when it happens.
  9. MeadowBlue

    NSAID IM or patch?

    Speaking from experience injections havent worked for me at all and I've had 3 different areas of joint paint where I've had injections. My doctor was mortified to learn that the podiatrist injected the bursa of my heel with steroids which a lot of doctors know can cause a rupture. I am leaning more towards homeopathic methods at this point.
  10. This post is old but as someone who is on cpap therapy currently I have to say that you dont want to skip it if you need it. It may be easy to think you'll just lose weight and not need it but many people lose weight and still do need it. It's not always due to neck fat. I am lucky I've already had the sleep study and been on cpap for 3 years so it wont be something I'll have to get used to post surgery. It takes a LONG time to get used to it so anyone going through the approval process get it done asap!
  11. MeadowBlue

    Random questions for "after'

    This is a page from my gastric bypass "bible". It's a list of all the medications to avoid
  12. MeadowBlue

    NSAID IM or patch?

    In physical therapy they wanted to do that NSAID patch but one therapist said she's had just as good or better results from doing the patch with vinegar. I'm pre op so I'm on the fence if I want to do it with gel or do it with vinegar. I have achilles tendinitis that is constantly inflamed.
  13. MeadowBlue

    Random questions for "after'

    I have questions which have been lingering on my brain. I am anticipating all of these massive life changes and it's a bit scary. I keep reading about things you cant do/have FOR LIFE so these questions mainly pertain to people 1 year or more out. 1. Coffee. I know why you cant have coffee but lets say you go out to breakfast and order decaf and you get served regular coffee. You dont realize it till you've had 2 cups. Do you freak out? Do you just say ok, well what's done is done and don't sweat it.? I'm just not sure how serious it is when you break this rule. 2. Aspirin. If I'm on a road trip and feeling queasy like I'm going to puke and the only thing available is Pepto Bismol, can i go ahead and take it just that one time or is it a 100% never, dont do it, you'll get an ulcer ....?? Like I know my headache remedy will have to change and no more NSAIDS for my foot pain but as far as one time, emergency, theres nothing you just take it? 3. Alcohol. Lets face it, I live in the wine country and wine tasting and wine events are just part of the culture. I already dont drink much at all so I'm not giving up that much but I want to know if anyone has managed to drink is extreme moderation. I know about transfer addiction etc. I just cant imagine that I'll always be the DD and never have so much as a sip of wine. (and is there anything you can take to mitigate it, meaning eat a big meal etc so as not to get wasted or ruin your stomach lining) 4. Does anyone NOT have dumping syndrome? I can honestly say giving up sugar will be a blessing more than anything but I have read some people dont dump. I wonder how prevalent that is. 5. With dumping or intolerance after the surgery do you have warning? Can you take a bite...wait...then see how it sits? Or has anyone gotten sick immediately after the first bite? Im afraid of things getting stuck, and afraid of having to throw up. I hope that I'll be able to tell what isnt sitting well before I make myself super sick 6. Hair loss. So I'm 51 years old. I am somewhat past menopause. I feel lately like Ive lost a ton of hair and my hair is a lot thinner than it was in my 30's and 40's. I am scared of how much more hair I'll lose! Did anyone start this journey with already thin hair? Is it just thin or like fully patchy to the point of needing hair pieces? Thanks in advance, Im sure there will be more!
  14. MeadowBlue

    Home remedies?

    Have you ever used a neti pot? I find them very helpful for nasal ickiness