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  1. Hi thanks all sorry if I sounded rude or offensive saying skinny /ill looking I didn't mean it in that way , I dont really understand the ops properly yet I thought with the bypass you dont absorb any fat from foods thats why I couldn't work out how you dont just keep getting slimmer and slimmer but I now know as above comment its just like absorbing less calories , and with the ill I meant side effects dumping syndrome , being sick when eat etc , how have people been with that type of thing ,I would rather bypass I think as im.diebetic but the lack of absorbing vitamins frim food , dumping syndrome make me nervous to how I may feel , I don't want be out and suddenly need run to toilet etc ,alcohol wont bother me I will just need to get used to know takeaways and birthday cake at parties although im doing good at moment cutting back , as with food do you have to take 40 mins to eat it ? And what sort of portion size fills you up after bypass xx
  2. Hello I have just finished my one year on tier 3 weight loss programme hopefully will hear soon about tier 4 , im still unsure which surgery to have bypass or sleeve , I know you can put weight back on with sleeve and because I have recently been diagnosed with diabetics I know the bypass would be good my concern with bypass is long term is it good for you if you dont absorb nutrients from food will I end up looking really skinny and ill , and when your older can you fight of illnesses also how does your body retain some weight if everything bypasses you dont just loose weight for ever you would be a stick ? Sorry I sound silly but trying to get info ,also would love to hear from those that have had both with experiences of what its like after side effects what u can cant eat etc many thanks x