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  1. He said it would be lot of water weight but has told me nothing about stopping salt this time I didn’t get Thyrogen shots last time but a double dose of radioactive iodine this time he says the radioactive iodine dose will be real low and I don’t have to stay away from anyone. He says it will throw off my weight loss since I am so early post op. Just wanted me to be sure to tell my surgeon so that the surgeon won’t be upset thinking something wrong with my sleeve during the period I would be gaining. I was eating healthy first round and I gained over 20# in 2 weeks
  2. Hi new here 64 years old started purée diet last Wednesday. Did excellent with surgery no complications. Just hit the 3 week lull and gained 2.6 pounds. I have read post on this, but I do understand that part of it. Found out last week that I have to take to Thyrogen injections (1a day for 2 days ) and then 3rd day have full body scan and another round of Radioactive Iodine. December 6, 2016 had my Thyroid removed and was found to have cancer. Then February 28, 2017 took double dose Radioactive Iodine. Endocrinologist ultrasounded my neck and found thyroid cell attached to parathyroid is reason for this. The double dose of radioactive iodine that I had taken should have killed all the thyroid cells. Worse part of all of this is my endocrinologist informed me that this will cause weight gain again and first time I gained from 269 to 289.9. From Dec 2016 to February 2017. That is the worse part upsetting me about having this surgery and putting weight back on. I feel like my journey has been spoiled and all I want is to get my weight off and get off my meds and cpap. Should I ask my Gastric surgeon if I need to go back on preop diet again. And start the process from puréed again