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  1. Hi all, I’m 10m post op today, and down 100lbs. In the last month, I’ve gone through a lot of stress-I moved(had to start from scratch since living totally on my own), stitches in my hand which prevented me from feeling well enough to work out, and general work/life stress. I was so motivated and so on track, but this last month has absolutely killed me. I know I want to change my habits and I know how well the gym makes me feel, but getting there has been a problem(and it’s worse because it’s now only 5min away, plus I have a gym in my apt complex-so literally have zero excuses). Has anyone been through this funk? How do they get up and get better before the weight gain begins? I also feel like I’ve been eating more than I should be and grazing through the day. I want to meal prep and be ready, but I just feel like a sloth every time I go and make an’s killing me. Any advice?
  2. Thanks everyone for your help and guidance . I’ve been on track for the most part, except for the occasional here and there, and even then I was careful about how much I allowed(ie: 1 piece of something vs all day poor eating). I think I just fell off a bit and graze throughout the day, but every day I plan on a good healthy day and then I seem to take a bite of something I shouldn’t be. The worst part is that I just think it’s a habit thing, since I know how to eat healthy and have typically applied it. I think I get full at the right portion size and then eat again before I need to.. Would going back to correct eating rules allow me to have much restriction as before?
  3. Hi all, im almost 10 months post op, lost 100lb. Everything has been going great, and I go to the gym 4-5x a week. I had a last rough few weeks and feel on top of it, that I could eat a 2-3cups and I’m starting to create bad habits. How can I fix this? Is it normal I can eat so much(btw I do feel full after 1/2c but can keep going), haven’t puked etc. what can I do to recreate and generate healthy habits with food too?