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  1. Hey Kio, I totally understand and amazing job at cutting back - I'm trying the cold turkey approach :-). I think too that I am staying full for less time now - food goes through my pouch quicker now. I have become conscious of it since I have been keeping track of what I eat more. Are you finding that too????
  2. Hey Carina, firstly thanks for your reply and encouragement :-)..... Unfortunately I became addicted to the high sugar full cream iced coffee. I live in Australia and there is one called Dare Double Shot. Its sweet creamy and STRONG lol. Its so good that I think I need to go cold turkey as all other iced coffees I try taste (to me) like watery flavourless coffee. To add to my dilemma, I am not great with artificial sweetener (gives me stomach upset), so cold turkey right now is the best. I'm tyring to replace it with a skim latte (hot) with no sugar (only 80calories) :-) :-)
  3. Thanks for all the support and tips lovely people! Great feedback!! 4 days in, and so far (still) no wine or iced coffee, and gone back to counting the calories. I think it is so easy to forget what you snack on when rushing around the kitchen doing dishes, kids meals etc. A handful of cashews here, a few crackers there, a left over fish finger over there LOL. Anyhow, I will keep you posted on my re-loss journey, as I haven't found many posts on "losing the regained" so to speak :-)
  4. @purplemartini WOW what a difference. YOU LOOK AMAZING. I have regained and looking to lose again so not in the same situation, but really just wanted to tell you to use this 6 months well - go back to basics and exercise like crazy. It does get harder at the 2 year mark, but you can do IT.
  5. Hi, like many folk out there I have regained approx. 20 pounds since hitting the 2 year mark in April this year (5 months ago). However I can honestly say that it is mostly due to the addition of iced coffee in the morning (400kcal) and glass of wine at night (100kcal) in order to cope with good old fashioned sleep deprivation caused by my 10 month old (another wonderful surprise produced by sudden weight loss at the age of 46!!!!). These little extras have, over the course of the post partum year, invoked a downward spiral and a bit of a careless attitude to what I'm eating. So by my calculations, approximately 500 extra calories per day = 3500 extra calories per week = 14000 per month = 70000 in 5 months / 7700 (calories in 2.2 pounds) = 20 pounds! SO... I have cut out both (WOW that is HARD) and am going back to basics (protein first, no drinking with meals, reduce sugars/junk, keep calories low/protein high/carbs low), and hope that I can get back to where I was 6 months ago....BUT would LOVE to hear from others of you who have succeeded to turn the clock back and lose some of the regained weight. I need some INSPIRATION team!!