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  1. So, I was going to start my pre op diet Friday, (it's a 10 day diet, followed by a 1 day liquid diet the day before surgery) but... they pushed back my surgery date a week. It's now the 28th. They didn't schedule around the surgical assistant. I know in the long run its not a big deal. It's only a week. It could be a lot worse, or I could have not gotten my insurance approval. It's still dissapointing though. I'm thinking of starting the prep diet on Friday anyway. Get a jump start on weight loss.
  2. Thanks everyone! I'm so excited!! What a long road already. But I'm looking forward to new views ahead.
  3. Thanks for the info, that's really helpful!
  4. I'm prepping for my wls and ordering my vitamins I'll need. I have a friend who had RNY and she highly recommends fiber and probiotics. I've also read Digestive Enzymes are helpful So, should I wait until after my wls to get something after I've seen how my body is going to do? Or, is there a standard that everyone needs, so I should get it ahead of time and just plan on taking it? TIA!
  5. I've been lurking here for awhile. I joined this forum when I was trying to decide if I would jump in and get wls. The positivity and support I've found on this site, as well as all the information I've found helped me to choose RNY. It's taken about a year but here I am, looking forward to my newest journey. My surgery date is May 21st!
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