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  1. PhotoBellaNJ

    One week Post-Op

    Thank you! I go back to work Tuesday as well and am nervous about getting a routine going while I’m there. Hoping I’ll be able to make it happen.
  2. PhotoBellaNJ

    The Honeymoon Period

    New here but great words of advice. The two people I know who have had this are 3years out and both keep saying don’t worry you can eat whatever you want in a year or two. That’s not what I want though! I hope to use this as an opportunity to really change.
  3. PhotoBellaNJ

    One week Post-Op

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I’m adding bone broth to my list of things to try. Today I filled a 32 oz water bottle with ice, water, and a packet of crystal light. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get through it 1.5x!
  4. PhotoBellaNJ

    One week Post-Op

    The toughest part has just been getting enough fluids in. My surgeon told me if I don’t get 48 oz in today and tomorrow I should go to the ER for an IV. I managed it today but I feel so uncomfortably full.
  5. PhotoBellaNJ

    One week Post-Op

    Hello all! My name is Maria and I’m one week post-op. Sleeved on 8/23/18. Finally moved to full liquids today and it’s been tough going. Looking forward to getting to know people here and having some support.