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  1. OH MY GOODNESS thank you! That was so helpful. I couldn't remember what to do and I was thinking I could only eat a TOTAL of 3-4oz including meat and veggies. What a relief! I called and made an appointment with another dr. since my original didn't seem so interested I didn't think i'd get much help. I will do another barium swallow and he will go over with me the size of my pouch and what I need to do. Just waiting on insurance approval for the appointment or find out if I have to pay to schedule it. You have been SO SO helpful, thank you!
  2. I'm 6yrs out and haven't followed plan in I don't even know how long. How much am I suppose to eat?
  3. yea exercise is where I fall short too. I just did the 5 day pouch reset thing, which I know doesn't really work, but I wanted to change my diet and I didn't even lose ONE pound from being on liquids for 2 days! what the heck is that
  4. I am 6 yrs out and only lost 40 lbs. Was still 100 LBS over goal at my lowest. Not sure why I never lost it. Now I'm 13 lbs from where I started. I don't want another surgery because my insurance won't cover it and to be honest I don't think I could go through the emotional roller coaster again. I just need a dr to tell me if I have totally stretched it out or not and what I need to do from here, diet wise. I don't want to stretch it out more, so I'm not sure what to do. I went on WW 3 yrs ago and lost 30lbs so I thought about that, but then I thought about, "am I stretching out what I have left?" I just need answers
  5. Hi guys, I'm new here. Had sleeve 6 years ago only lost 40 lbs was still 100lbs over goal weight Here I am 6 years later with lots of ups and downs and 15 lbs away from where I started! Feeling defeated. Had barium swallow yesterday, new doc said "your a product of tough circumstances", WHAT does that mean? recommended the bypass, can't do it due to other health problems. I asked to see the pic of my sleeve, he said there were too many people in that room now and I never got any real answers. I asked if my sleeve was still in tact or too stretched out and he said it was in tact and to follow up with my original surgeon. I didn't even know he was still in business. Called them and they said "are you having complications? I said not really, " they acted like there was no point to come in. I Feel lost. Anyone else regain weight? I want to know WHAT do I eat? HOW much? I guess I won't know till I get another barium swallow????