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  1. SarahBMelbs

    More questions!!

    Hi All! So I'm 5 weeks post surgery and I've lost a total of 18.7kg. Yay me! My question is this... I'm on soft foods now, is it normal for food to hurt and get stuck going down? I'm doing thumbnail sized pieces, per the dietian. But I'm struggling. I saw my surgeon and he wanted to do a laproscopy. I don't have the time to take off work to get it done though... so just holding off as long as possible. He said there was probably nothing wrong with the sutures, but he just wanted to check as a precaution. Also.... I don't feel hunger and I don't feel full when I eat. How do I stop eating before I all of a sudden need to vomit? I did this on the weekend and it was not fun times!! thanks!!!
  2. SarahBMelbs

    Did you plan ahead for work clothes?

    I'm following this!
  3. SarahBMelbs

    I'm finally scheduled!!

    Good luck! The first week is rough (I'm 1 week post op today) but you see the results start happening straight away! I've dropped 4.5kg in a week post op. Honestly through all the feelings and concerns you might have about it, truely the best thing you'll ever do for yourself!
  4. SarahBMelbs

    It's done!

    Got my first FF meal today. I've never appreciated food more in my life than right now.
  5. SarahBMelbs

    It's done!

    Thanks @cinwa. The Doctors and nurses keep asking me if I've passed wind or done number 2's which I haven't. I haven't eaten for 4 days... what would I need to expel?!
  6. SarahBMelbs

    It's done!

    A bit of a personal question here... did you struggle to pass wind post surgery? Or do number 2's? Is it normal to not need to or feel like you don't need to?
  7. SarahBMelbs

    It's done!

    The hospital food is the worst isn't it?! I'm on a floor with all oldies and they are loving it. One fellow called someone to tell them how delicious the fish is in here. I laughed so hard my stitches hurt.
  8. SarahBMelbs

    It's done!

    Thanks all. Still in hospital. Just been checked on by my surgeon. Looks like I'll be staying in til tomorrow because my nausea isn't subsiding.
  9. SarahBMelbs

    It's done!

    Thanks @Res Ipsa!
  10. SarahBMelbs

    It's done!

    So it's done. I my bypass done last night with only a small hiccup. Been walking and sipping.... did not realise how bad the nausea is. Thank god for the meds. Hope everyone is well!
  11. SarahBMelbs

    The final countdown!

    @Jen581791 Haha. Yeah... shame I love food too much. If I could stay motivated, I'm sure I'd be a lot stronger/fitter. I have little highlander legs (part Scottish - great for climbing hills), which definitely help with the squats and lifts. Just hoping that I don't lose my muscle with the fat.
  12. SarahBMelbs

    The final countdown!

    Thanka @cinwa! That actually makes a lot of sense. I'm 8 days til surgery now and did my weekly weigh in. Another kg down. Back on the exercise band wagon this week so hoping for a 2-3kg loss before my surgery. I'm hoping for a loss of 15kgs before we go on holidays for Christmas. The thought of being under 100kg always seemed like a dream... but now it's a realistic one. (Not like a lottery win! ). For those who do weights, how long before you went back to weight lifting post surgery? I'm quite strong (can do 3 x 5 115kg Romanian deadlifts), so I'd like to stay strong even after the weight loss. Thanks guys!
  13. SarahBMelbs

    The final countdown!

    Ahhh... I get you. Because we can't drink when we eat. What happens if we have a sip or 2 of water when we eat? Does it cause dumping syndrome?
  14. SarahBMelbs

    The final countdown!

    Why is that @Aussie Bear?
  15. SarahBMelbs

    The final countdown!

    Thank you all so much! It's so exciting that this is all so real now! Deep breaths! Quick question though, today we had a BBQ with friends and family and I had a small amount of chicken breast (about 150g) with my cup of grilled veggies, instead of my protein shake. Is that going to cause problems with my liver pre surgery?