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  1. SarahBMelbs


    Greetings @Tanny from Melbourne! Good to see another Aussie here. (I also know your neck of the woods as I have friends in the area! Nice part of the world. ) Congrats on your surgery. I'm doing 8 weeks of the VLCD... and 1 week and 2 days in. But who's counting? Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. I'm so excited for you!
  2. SarahBMelbs


    Thanks so much for all the advice guys! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge. In other news, first week of VLCD down and I've lost 2.1kgs. I'm pretty happy with that. That's minimal exercise too. I will ramp up the exercise now that I know how to handle what's going on with my body. Thanks for the advice on the salt levels too. I've been drinking 2+ litres of water a day and peeing like a racehorse. Might try having a miso soup with my lunch and see how I go. You always hear about salt being the enemy. I think I just need to practice moderation.
  3. SarahBMelbs


    Hey @Jen581791! I think the joy of also being able to put my tray down will be massive as well. I'm curious, foodwise, has anyone had issues with the food provided?
  4. SarahBMelbs


    @Kio... Girl, you have literally made my day. I laughed so hard at the thought of stealing one. I would normally fly Qantas and they come see you before you land to ask you to leave it on the seat. I'm feeling super positive 1 week into the VLCD so fingers and toes crossed my body agrees. The only thing I've noticed is that I get light headed in the late afternoon when I stand too quickly. Is that normal on the Optifast? Thanks!
  5. SarahBMelbs


    Hey @Aussie Bear, does that account for any exercise or is that just diet? Thanks so much for all the info. Even 20kgs would be life changing! I'm doing the VLCD and first weigh in is Tuesday to see if I've lost anything.
  6. SarahBMelbs


    Oh and confidence to speak up when having meetings instead of just wanting to slip into the background.
  7. SarahBMelbs


    I've never had a problem with snoring, but there are about a million other things that are quite exciting. I'm excited most about losing my apron of excess.
  8. SarahBMelbs


    Hi @BurgundyBoy! Thanks so much for your insight. I'm now on my VLCD until surgery (8 weeks to go!) and am hoping that I lose about 30 kgs before my trip which is in 16 weeks. I hope I'm not being unrealistic about my losses though. Fitting in the tiny plane seat will be glorious! And not feeling the burning shame of asking for an extender will be the cherry on the protein shake. :-D
  9. SarahBMelbs


    Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate all the feedback. Super excited for this next chapter of my life and looking forward to being bikini ready for my 35th birthday. Hahaha! :-D
  10. SarahBMelbs


    Hi there all! My name is Sarah & I'm a 32 yro gal from Melbourne, Aus. I'm booked in for the bypass on the 17/10/18 and super excited/nervous. I've got 2 kiddies & ever since my first was born (12 yrs ago) my weight has ballooned (from 54kg to 120kg) ... (my own fault I know!) Anyway, I've Yo-Yoed over the last decade and sick of it. This is my final option, so going to grab it by the proverbial. I work in a professional fast-paced environment and wondering if I will be able to go back to work after 2 weeks post-op? I've only booked 2 weeks off at this point and no one else can actually do my job (highly specialised). Just worried that if there are complications, that it will create other issues. I haven't told them what surgery I'm having so it's going to be nerve wracking once they cotton on, that that's what I've had done. My other question is, I'm travelling to Europe exactly 8 weeks post op. The Dr says it'll be fine, but I'm nervous that being on a 27 hr flight will cause complications. Has anyone had experience with travel so soon post-op? Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you all soon. S