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  1. I feel exactly the same and I have to do the same. I’ve forgotten what hunger is. But if I don’t eat I feel like i’m Going to fall over. I do love not feeling hungry. It helps motivate me when I feel like things are too hard.
  2. Ahhh. My surgeon was/is super strict. Still is. Did you feel any hunger post op?
  3. I’m super surprised you’re eating eggs at 2 weeks post op? I thought it was liquid only diet for the first 4 weeks. Then moving onto yogurt and purées in week 5 then soft foods (like eggs) in week 6. And I’m even more surprised you can stomach it. I remember feeling physically vile at even the thought of eating food! Haha! But that might just be me.
  4. Weighed myself this morning and i’m 86.2kg or exactly 190lb! I can’t remember the last time I felt this good mentally or physically. 4 months since surgery and I’ve dropped almost 40kg (which is more than my 12 yro weighs!). I started plateauing about 3 weeks ago, so I upped my exercise from 30 mins/day to 30 mins of walking and 1 hr of intense cardio or weights. It’s so good to feel this good! I’d love to hear what everyone else is feeling good about this week! Love me some good vibes! P.S. A little pic of my progress. Top ones - 1st day of the VLC Diet. Bottom is last week at the gym after boxing.
  5. Hey @Aussie Bear, which protein powder do you use? So many brands... where do I even start?!?
  6. Thanks so much guys!!! I’m so proud of myself. I have stuck to an exercise regime (even when we were in Europe) that I know I will stick to. I think that has been a big factor in my losses. I have bought myself a couple of Australian size 10 (sz 6 US) jumpsuits and my MIL bought me an Australian size 8 (size 4 US) dress for Christmas just gone. Hoping to fit into them by Christmas this year. My surgeon told me not to stress that the weight isn’t dropping as quickly now. But I will definitely take your advice and go to the “Op Shop” (thrift store) and find some clothes that actually fit now. Hope everyone is having an awesome day!
  7. I weighed myself after 5 weeks in Europe and 3 months post op and I am now 92.1kg! I couldn’t actually believe it!!! I have dropped almost 31kg to date. I still see the old me in the mirror, but my clothes all seem to be sliding off! Time to go shopping me thinks!
  8. Hi All! So I'm 5 weeks post surgery and I've lost a total of 18.7kg. Yay me! My question is this... I'm on soft foods now, is it normal for food to hurt and get stuck going down? I'm doing thumbnail sized pieces, per the dietian. But I'm struggling. I saw my surgeon and he wanted to do a laproscopy. I don't have the time to take off work to get it done though... so just holding off as long as possible. He said there was probably nothing wrong with the sutures, but he just wanted to check as a precaution. Also.... I don't feel hunger and I don't feel full when I eat. How do I stop eating before I all of a sudden need to vomit? I did this on the weekend and it was not fun times!! thanks!!!
  9. Good luck! The first week is rough (I'm 1 week post op today) but you see the results start happening straight away! I've dropped 4.5kg in a week post op. Honestly through all the feelings and concerns you might have about it, truely the best thing you'll ever do for yourself!
  10. Got my first FF meal today. I've never appreciated food more in my life than right now.
  11. Thanks @cinwa. The Doctors and nurses keep asking me if I've passed wind or done number 2's which I haven't. I haven't eaten for 4 days... what would I need to expel?!
  12. A bit of a personal question here... did you struggle to pass wind post surgery? Or do number 2's? Is it normal to not need to or feel like you don't need to?
  13. The hospital food is the worst isn't it?! I'm on a floor with all oldies and they are loving it. One fellow called someone to tell them how delicious the fish is in here. I laughed so hard my stitches hurt.
  14. Thanks all. Still in hospital. Just been checked on by my surgeon. Looks like I'll be staying in til tomorrow because my nausea isn't subsiding.