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  1. Oh thank GOD someone else is in my boat. I'm sorry, but misery does love company. My starting weight was 340. Had my surgery in January in Mexico. Lost a total of 41 pounds, which was mainly in the first 6 weeks (due to all the liquids). My case was difficult as my stomach was very large. They were only able to take 50% of my stomach out, while all the other patients there had 80% of their stomach's removed. So, from the start I could eat regular sized meals. That "2 tablespoon" limit was a freakin JOKE. I can eat a double roast beef sandwich at Arbys today and I don't feel any restriction. I record everything I eat and try to limit myself to 1500 calories a day but often I go over. Have not lost a single pound since the end of February. I am so angry that I paid all that money for something that doesn't work. Had I known that I was expected to work out hard every single day and eat only 1000 calories I NEVER would have gotten this damn surgery. Also, the people who were also at the clinic getting the surgery were at least 100 pounds lighter than I was. They all lost a ton of weight, so I guess I just suck at this. I have bipolar disorder and also issues with alcohol that I continue to struggle with, so I have no doubt that is a big part of my problem. However, like I said, from the very start I didn't feel the restriction that I expected to and I am very disappointed and sad about everything.
  2. I can't provide any help. I suck at this. Had gastric sleeve in January. Lost 40 pounds within the first 2 months and never lost a single pound after that. Not even 1 pound. My starting weight was 340. I am now at 299. Yeah, I guess that is a little something, but seriously, not in MONTHS have I lost anything. The surgery was done in Mexico, and I did not get any counseling ahead of time. They said I was a very difficult case (my stomach was very large) and they could only remove 50% of my stomach. So, from the start I could eat way more than the other people. I am hungry all the time if I just eat what is advised. I am "trying" to limit myself to 1500 calories a day but that often doesn't work. I am doing exercise about 4 times a week but ya know, if I knew ahead of time that I needed to do all of this I wouldn't have had the damn surgery to begin with. I spent a lot of money for NOTHING.