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  1. I learned that my health insurance will give points for steps totaling 5000/day toward an FSA type account so I am trying to get my steps in and up the rest of 2019. If anyone would like to be my Fitbit Friend for challenges please add me, username is mizcotton, thanks!
  2. I am now at a svelte BMI of 26 from an original BMI of 44. The H. Pylori and the 3 rounds of antibiotics I took for it really did a number on me and there are days when my guts are still pretty pissed off. My labs all tested pretty good most recently. My gastroenterologist predicted my fatty liver numbers would normalize after another 20 lbs are gone, so I am hopeful that will happen. The DS is truly amazing. I never would have been able to lose 117 pounds on my own through diet and exercise.
  3. I bought this coat in 2015 when I returned to the Midwest during my Dad’s last few weeks of life. I would like this coat togo to a good home. It’s only been worn a handful of times. It can be picked up in the DC suburbs. The hood and faux fur parts are removable.
  4. I have some nice 20w work dresses and fleece jackets if anyone is in the northern VA/DC suburbs and needs them.
  5. I just had my 90 day post op bloodwork done and an exam with my PCP. Unfortunately I have to do another round of antibiotics for H. Pylori and my stomach is pretty upset, still. The PCP does not believe the DS stirred up the H Pylori, but rather that the stress of any major surgery would've had the same result. My B12 is high, my A is low, and my D should be higher but is not low according to Quest Diagnostics. I believe my lower numbers are because I’ve thrown up so much in the last 90 days. I am eating good when I can, takin my vitamins when I can and drinking my water. On the comorbidities, my HDL cholesterol now tests a little low. Glucose was 82 and A1C was a nice 4.6. My liver is still fatty and AST and ALT test high. On Thursday my blood pressure was 100/70! This month I had my first 28 day menstrual cycle in a decade!
  6. In February I wound up having H Pylori, not related to the DS surgery, which had me vomiting nonstop with 2 trips to the hospital before my PCP finally tested me for H Pylori. The antibiotics to treat it were rough but I’m on the mend now. I lived in the third world for 5 years so that’s likely where the H Pylori came from. Due to being so sick, I’ve only started taking all the vitamins in the last 10 days. I was taking lots of pills before surgery, so it doesn’t phase me too much. My cholesterol and blood pressure are both testing fine now. My out of balance lady hormones are still off, and my fatty liver remains fatty, but I suspect that once I get under 200 lbs that should all improve. I’m very glad I had the surgery!
  7. I had the DS in December at 260 lbs, 5’6 tall, 41 yrs old. For me, I only wanted to ever do 1 bariatric surgery and I wanted the best chance to lose my comorbidities and extra weight. I know a couple people in real life who did not do too well with RNY. VSG did not sound drastic or long lasting enough to me. So the DS is what I wanted at first researching and ultimately the surgery I got.
  8. Hello, I am having the nausea and vomiting constantly. my PCP and an ER dr can see from a CT scan that I have gastritis, and have prescribed different acid reducers but so far none of that has helped and the anti nausea meds don’t even take the edge off. Zofran in an IV doesn’t take the nausea away. I’m not able to keep much of anything down at the moment. I too am getting depressed!
  9. I am fighting nausea now about the same time out that you did. Did anything work to calm it down for you?
  10. How long after surgery did you feel your stamina was good and that you were able to participate in life again? I had the DS on 17 Dec. I’m supposed to go back to work on Monday. Dreading it. My incisions all look good now, my oral thrush is getting a bit better slowly, and I’m down from 260 on surgery day to 238 today.
  11. I am now finished with the class portion of the 6 month process and after being told various conflicting instructions about the rest of the timing and losing confidence in their aftercare, I’m debating whether I should stick with an RNY from this bariatric practice, or pursue a DS procedure in Mexico. When I first began my research DS was the most appealing to me. But when I decided to try to have the surgery on my insurance’s dime, I went with my second choice RNY. I truly believe I need the more drastic operation. Paying $3800 in copays locally for RNY or $10000 for a DS in MX are the choices I’m debating, and not wanting cost to be the decider, nor settling for my second choice when I have qualms about it. Ugh, what to do.
  12. For all the professional ladies or gentlemen who have had surgery already, how did you go about making sure you had decent work clothes while dropping the weight? Did you buy elastic waist bottoms and stretchy tops in advance, or buy things at the thrift store you expected to wear? I have a few garments that are too tight now, but not enough for a work wardrobe already. I need to look professional and typically wear dresses. I’m guessing I won't have a huge amount of energy for late night laundry so would ideally need 5 of whatever I’ll be wearing as I slim down.
  13. What brand of yogurt do you all like, post op? I’m looking to try different ones. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I’m LorettaLynn from Virginia. I began my 6 month process with Dr Nain at the Inova Fair Oaks on 6/6/18. I have completed a psych evaluation, 2 sessions with the nutritionist, consult with exercise guy, etc. I am concerned that my Aetna (Foreign Service Benefit Plan) is not going to pay as my weight is not going down and fluctuates a bit so I am preparing myself to have to pay out of pocket and travel to Mexico if needed. I have given up carbonated beverages since 6/6/18 and have increased my water a lot. I am 5’6 and weighed 277 at my highest in May, wearing a 22W dress. I have high cholesterol, fatty liver and Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, my A1C is prediabetic, and my hormones have been out of balance since at least 2016 with estrogen dominance and PCOS. My beloved father died of liver cancer at 63 and my mother is a Type 1 diabetic. I am hopeful that RNY or DS will help my health turn around and give me the energy that a 40 year old should have. I’m enjoying this forum quite a bit as the folks seem a lot nicer than other forums I’ve looked at.
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