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  1. MayaGallifreya

    Head hunger!

    I've done this today and found I struggled with the head hunger far less. Thank you both so much x
  2. MayaGallifreya

    Head hunger!

    Thank you for your encouragement!
  3. MayaGallifreya

    Head hunger!

    Hey... does anybody have any tips and tricks for coping with head hunger? Its driving me a little crazy at the moment! How did you guys cope? Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I'm 2 weeks post op. Thanks in advance! xo
  4. MayaGallifreya

    Hey! <3

    Thank you so much for your well wishes, I've not been healing too well, had a few complications with clots and incisions re-opening, but still so happy with my decision. I keep telling myself that all this pain and discomfort is going to be so worth it in the end. I'm terrified about making mistakes - I don't really have a clue what I'm doing... but I'm willing to learn so that's a start, right?
  5. Hi, I'm due to start puree in a couple of days after being on liquids for 2 weeks. I've really struggled to get all my protein in as I'm having a real aversion to shakes. I feel like I'm failing already! As far as puree is concerned, can anybody tell me what size portions I should be eating? also how often I should be eating it? I'm really concerned about stretching my pouch! Thanks xo
  6. MayaGallifreya

    Hey! <3

    Hi everyone - I've never joined a forum before, so please be patient with me because I'm still trying to figure out how all this works I had a Bypass on July 25th... I'm 32 years old from Birmingham, England. Looking forward to meeting new people and sharing experiences! My weight when I started the liver shrinkage diet was 448lbs 1 week post-op I've gone down to 406lbs. I'm trying to stick to weighing myself weekly - I don't want to obsess over it too much. Hope to catch up with you all soon xo