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  1. Boston Redhead


    no picture but an NSV for me.... went to the movies yesterday and fit in the seat, with both arm rests down, and had plenty of room to get comfy! Yippee! ps any chance to get a pinned topic for NSVs on the level of this photos one?
  2. @robin0418 Be sure to record your measurements too. When the pounds aren’t moving, the inches have still come off, which to me is more important!
  3. Thank you! It’s probably a transference of food addiction to a drive to lose more and more lol. Yes, got this info from my Bariatric surgeon. what I hear everyone saying is that I should relax a bit about that right now and enjoy the journey, which of course is easier said than done! But I’ll try!
  4. I like protein2O, although I dilute them with water even four months out because they’re too sweet for me.
  5. I know...I’m worried that maybe all the test did was detect what I had high levels of in my body, which would account for the sensitivity reading for eggs, dairy (via cottage cheese and yogurt), and inexplicably, green beans. The test basically recommends that I avoid the high sensitivity items for six months then rotate them back in, one at a time, to see the effect on my body. idk....while my dr was really good pre op, I’m not finding a lot of help there post op, but I’m not sure my expectations are realistic. At this point in the journey, I still feel like I need him to tell me what to do. I’m not ready to be totally on my own yet. Know what I mean, jelly bean?
  6. Thanks, Heidi. I just keep trying to remember that I’m losing a lot of inches and that’s really what helps. Since I’m supposedly sensitive to dairy and whey, I’ve been staying away from yogurt and protein powder.
  7. It started with the allergy issues ( then when I complained I wasn’t losing faster, he had me do a food allergy test ( After we discussed the results he said I likely have a leaky gut ( He recommended I see a functional Medicine doctor but my insurance doesn’t cover it and I’m leery about laying out the $1000+ that their program will cost me. I’d appreciate your thoughts.
  8. Your body right now is going, “wait-what the hell happened?” As soon as it settles down, things will move in the right direction. In the meantime, stay the course!
  9. My surgeon put me on 6 months of protonix for six months post op. So far so good.
  10. Checking in. So tomorrow marks four months since my surgery. I’m still disappointed that the weight isn’t coming off faster. I’ve lost 43.6 lbs: mo1= -17; mo2= -11; mo3= -10.6; mo4= -5 however, I have lost a lot of inches, 46! mo1= -8.5; mo2= -10.5; mo3= -12; mo4= -15 does this mean I’m losing fat vs. muscle? Because I was not losing more quickly, my dr recommended a food allergy test, and sure enough, I tested as allergic to eggs, dairy, whey, and oddly, green beans......all things I had been eating a lot of. I don’t know what to eat now for breakfast. Any ideas? Ps I don’t like avocado.
  11. Hi ktallon! I don’t have any suggestions because I’ve never been pregnant, but I wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy!
  12. I know this is an old thread, but this came up when I searched on teeth issues. ive never had white white teeth, but was always told it was from soda and iced tea. I’ve been off both for months. Now I can’t seem to get my teeth clean and they always look dirty/gross. Im becoming very self conscious. im not having gum issues. Anyone else had this problem since wls and fixed it?
  13. I keep track through the My Fitness Pal app.
  14. Thanks so much @Cindy Lou Whoand @Nana Trish!! That means a lot!
  15. Good news! Before WLS, I wore a 28/30. Well I just bought a pair of shorts and they’re snug but give it a couple of weeks and they’ll fit. They are a 20!! I literally can’t remember when I was that size! its weird because the scale isn’t moving as fast as I’d hoped, but the inches are disappearing!