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  1. Boston Redhead

    I’m back!

    Hi everyone. Had my surgery on Monday. Good news/bad news.... I’m alive and doing pretty well. I only spent one night in the hospital and have not taken any nausea or pain meds other than what I was given there. Have been pretty good about liquids and am working on increasing my protein. That’s the good news. Here’s the bad news. When my surgeon opened me up, he did the first part of the surgery with no issues (“the sleeve”), but couldn’t do the rest of the surgery (the switch) because I had significant scar tissue that made my duodenum adhere to something (the liver, I think). He worked at the scarring for awhile but barely made a dent. This won’t affect me long term. I call that the bad news, but really it’s only bad because it’s not what I had in my head and not what I “trained “ for. I need to rethink things a bit, but I still have this amazing tool and will use it to its fullest!
  2. Boston Redhead

    Bostonredhead surgery

    Thanks to all. Tomorrow the 4th is the magic day! Just anxious to be on the other side. Stay tuned!!
  3. Boston Redhead

    Hair question

    Thanks everyone!
  4. Boston Redhead


    How about BurgundyBubba?
  5. Boston Redhead

    Hair question

    Surgery will be 2/4. Based on some patients’ experience with hair loss, should I keep my perm appt? It’s scheduled for 2/21. I don’t want the chemicals to cause more to fall out. (I have really thick hair, if that matters.) what do you think???
  6. Boston Redhead

    Bostonredhead surgery

    Thanks! I am SO ready to be on the other side! I’m not good at waiting....
  7. Boston Redhead

    Bostonredhead surgery

    Butterflies? They’re more like crows!
  8. Boston Redhead

    Well, here I am..

    Welcome, Andrea!
  9. Boston Redhead

    Bostonredhead surgery

    Almost at the losers’ bench!
  10. Boston Redhead

    Why so few post

    @cinwa that’s not been what my research has shown at all. The DS has come a long way in the last decade in the US, and while there can be long term deficiencies, it’s only if patients aren’t watchful of their food qualityno more so than the other wls. I chose the DS because it’s said to have: Greatest long term weight loss potential of all bariatric procedures Minimal risk of dumping syndrome Excellent diabetes control Less chance of ulcers and DS patients are able to take NSAIDs. Personally, I consulted 3 different surgeons (in different practices) in my journey and all 3 recommended the DS. The one I chose has done 100s, successfully. This discussion forum has been a wealth of info for me, and I’m glad to have found such supportive people. I ask that we not put down or post negative info about other wls unless it’s to voice personal experience. Everyone has to make his/her own informed decision.
  11. Boston Redhead

    DS vs RNY

    I’ve not found that to be true at all @Aussie Bear. Perhaps it’s a geographical difference, but the research I did for here in the US shows the DS to be just as safe but perhaps more effective long term than other wls. I don’t have diabetes, but I do have high blood pressure and sleep apnea. I’m 53, and this will be a one and done shot for me. Blue cross, a major insurer in the US, DOES cover the DS. I consulted 3 different surgeons (in different practices) in my journey and all 3 recommended the DS. The one I chose has done 100s, successfully. But maybe that just makes me “ huge”...
  12. OP said: Things I am more concerned about include-- my upper/outer vagina has been swollen, black, and hard. Apparently, this is not unusual and will go down, but sticking frozen peas down the pants = fun times :/ in addition to wondering how you are doing, i was curious why the vagina was affected. Was it just trauma from the surrounding area?
  13. They posted about these cheese wraps in another wls forum. Anyone tried them?
  14. Boston Redhead

    There's nothing wrong with you

    @Kio wrote, “....I can't tell from your post how much extra weight you're carrying. What I'm going to say is tailored specifically toward women who are seriously obese. It's coming from the perspective of a woman who has been fat all her life, and who topped the scales at 350 lbs, and whose obesity is now in remission....” WOW!! When I read the end of the last sentence, I heard a BINGO in my head! That just made so much sense! Treat this obesity as the disease it is and work toward getting into remission. Thanks @Kio
  15. Boston Redhead

    Farewell to Favorite Foods?

    @Recidivist no you are not alone! I started out trying to eat better, but like every other time I’ve tried to lose weight, I just ended up gaining. My dr told me to relax, take a break, and stop stressing myself out right now. He has the three week pre op diet requirement, which I’ll likely start after my next appt. Until then, I am on what someone affectionately nicknamed the Farewell to Food tour.