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  1. Boston Redhead

    It finally happened.....

    If you want to be snarky, how about “when did you become my doctor?” Substitute mother, life coach, shrink, etc. as appropriate.
  2. Boston Redhead

    Feeling heavy

    @MeadowBlue I’m where you are. I think it’s part of the commitment process. Getting your mind ready for this big change.
  3. Boston Redhead

    Threw me for a loop...

    @msmarymacand @BurgundyBoy Right on! i am pre op, and I have to remind myself daily that I NEED this. Nothing else has worked, and I don’t wanna be 60 and still fat or worse, dead. There’s one lady from the Biggest Loser who I’ve looked up to. I know the contestants have damaged their metabolism with what they’re put through, but Ali Vincent lost a bunch and then did a series about real life and trying to keep it off. She’s active and even did marathons, but then I found out she’s gained her weight back. Although no one knows what goes on there when the camera is off, I am stunned about her weight gain. Frankly if she can’t do it, with her active lifestyle and healthy eating, how on earth do I have a chance?? It showed me, to @BurgundyBoy‘s point, that it’s impossible to do this on my own.
  4. Boston Redhead

    Need your Opinion

    Sweet! I didn’t much care for the drain I went home with after my gall bladder surgery. Keep us up to date on how you’re feeling.
  5. Boston Redhead

    Need your Opinion

    @CarlMarch out of curiosity, did you have drains when you came home from the hospital? And did they use glue instead of stitches? i understand if these are too personal to respond to!
  6. Boston Redhead

    Im just starting this journey. A little scared

    Hi @MeadowBlue i too am pretty new to the process (3months in) and am right with you in the feelings dept. I’m scared, excited, anxious, terrified....everyday. I’m nervous that it won’t work for me, I’m terrified I’ll end up not being able to control my bowels, excited that this could be a new start for me, scared that I might be too stupid to eat correctly afterwards, afraid I might have significant pain after surgery, afraid if I do lose weight that I’ll look worse with the extra skin flopping in the wind, anxious this won’t happen in a timely manner (because I might not have a job after feb and therefore no insurance), upset I didn’t do this ages ago.... i think change can be good. If it’s worth doing, then it might not be easy or even pleasant. I’ve been trying to remind myself that I deserve this. I’ll be 53 next week, heavy all my life, but dammit it’s about time I do something for me. this forum has helped me a lot. It’s by far the most informative one out there and has the most supportive people. Stick around, and take this journey with us, one day at a time. ❤️Jackie
  7. Boston Redhead

    Think I sick

    Ok hope you’re feeling better already!
  8. Boston Redhead

    Think I sick

    Do you still have your gallbladder? Sounds like when I’d have a gallbladder attack!
  9. Boston Redhead

    Meal delivery service

    Is there a meal delivery service out there that most closely mirrors the high protein etc. way we’re supposed to eat? I’m still pre surgery and having a hard time getting started. I thought if I started with a delivery service or nutri system or something like that, it might help.
  10. Boston Redhead

    Kio....remember what you were doing a year ago today???

    Thanks @Kio. I had already decided on the bypass before I went in for the first mtg with the surgeon, so when he recommended the DS, I was kind of thrown off, since I hadn’t done much research on that. He threw some stats at me and said I’d lose the most weight and keep it off with the DS, which he couldn’t guarantee with the bypass. He said “frankly, I don’t do many bypasses anymore. Most of my patients request the sleeve or the DS.” I too have GERD as well as an esophageal stricture, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. I had my gall bladder out last year. The blood work they did in my first appt showed some issues with my liver. Since that appt, I’ve tried to do research on the DS. While there is a lot of info out there on the surgery itself, I haven’t been able to find any supportive forums for the aftermath. They seem to be very negative (or maybe you all just spoiled me!). I believe online support will be an important aspect of my recovery. i really liked the surgeon, and he was very personable, but I know that’s not the most important criteria. maybe he’s just not the surgeon for me. i have another week before my next monthly appt, so I have a bit of time to think (worry) about it.
  11. Boston Redhead

    Kio....remember what you were doing a year ago today???

    @Kio can I ask...why did you decide on the bypass? I’m still in the early stages leading up to the surgery. While I originally went into the process planning on the bypass, my surgeon is recommending the DS. I don’t see many people on here who’ve had that. How do I know what’s right for me?
  12. Boston Redhead

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    @CheeringCJ Gorgeous!
  13. Boston Redhead


    Mine’s from Delta, which, BTW, does not work on Southwest Lol
  14. Boston Redhead

    Hi 6 yrs out regained weight feeling defeated

    Thanks @Res Ipsa! I continue to learn from all of you, and I appreciate it!
  15. Boston Redhead

    purging the closet- mixed emotions

    Wow!! That’s so inspirational!!