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  1. Boston Redhead


    Hey lady! I also had a reaction to the Bariatric vitamins. Not as bad as yours, but I did get hives all over my face. We narrowed it down to what we think is either iodine, niacin, or an additive. I seem to be ok with a little niacin but not as much as is in the Bariatric vitamin, so now I take a Walgreens brand one a day and a generic iron tablet. fyi I went to an allergist and he said they couldn’t help me with supplements or Bariatric vitamins, so please ask the allergist before you spend your money an time to go see him/her.
  2. When do you take your calcium? If I don’t take mine at least an hr before I go to bed then I get horrible indigestion.
  3. Switch to going by measurements. Really, who cares what we weigh as long as we’re shrinking!
  4. The only thing that helped my constipation issues was adding vegetables to my diet. None of the otc stuff or extra fiber worked. Now whenever I have an issue, increasing my veg intake helps. regarding the egg sized bulge, could you have a hernia? Even though my surgeon fixed two during my sleeve, I swear I have a new one from all the pushing in the bathroom. feel better!
  5. Curious - What do you consider a good daily carb count? I realize since I am female, mine may be lower.
  6. Hey Craig. thank you for your service. I think I’m feeling similarly to you. my therapist is moving so we debriefed and she suggested I start a new path. EMDR. Don’t know anything about it but I’m looking into it. i too believe I’m a food addict and I’m totally off the wagon right now. It’s so frustrating. I know what I should be doing but can’t make myself do it....
  7. Note that if I don’t take my calcium a couple of hours before bed I get really bad indigestion. I need to be upright for awhile. so if that happens to you, move your schedule up a bit.
  8. Yes at the same time as my sleeve. My surgeon says it’s common after wls though.
  9. Yes, I do. Surgeon thinks it’s from a hernia.
  10. Mine was a sleeve, and I have it, but only out of my left nostril lol
  11. I have something similar and my doctor thinks it could be radiating pain from a hernia.
  12. My sister has also been very supportive. In fact, for my recent one year surgiversary, she got me a card and a way to go balloon! Oh and a stuffed alpaca too. I joke that she’s my emotional support animal. You have to lean in to people who are supportive!
  13. Hi everyone. Today I am one year post op from a gastric sleeve. While I’ve been struggling quite a lot the last few months, I am happy to report that I’m 85 lbs down and 62 inches smaller. while I’m only just over halfway toward my goal, I don’t see more than a few subtle changes in my body. I’m trying to look at them critically because I know it takes awhile for our heads to catch up with the physical changes. Has anyone else had that happen? I know the sagging skin will just get saggier, but when does the cellulite get better? I do though see a big difference in my face. See attached for before and today shots.
  14. Jodi, why don’t you give them a call in the morning and make sure they know your current situation? You don’t want to get dehydrated and end up in the hospital.
  15. I had a similar reaction to the Bariatric multivitamin and eventually narrowed it down to iodine or niacin, or one of the sweeteners. Hard to find ones without the first two, so had to settle for the lowest amount possible. For the third one, I had to go with the free and clear version. These keep me blotch free.