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  1. Boston Redhead


    I met with my surgeon today (#5 of 6!!) and he won’t do the surgery with a nerve block anyways. i agree that it’s probably better for things like hand or foot surgeries....I had it for a carpal tunnel surgery and that worked well for me.
  2. Boston Redhead

    Cpap after surgery

    Thank you, @Kio. I am sorry to hear about your brother’s struggles.
  3. Boston Redhead

    Cpap after surgery

    Thank you!
  4. Boston Redhead

    5 days post surgery

    I’m presurgery so I don’t know this, but isn’t there some way for the surgeon to expel the air they had added when the surgery is done? At least some of it?
  5. Boston Redhead

    Cpap after surgery

    One of the things I am looking forward to after surgery is getting rid of my cpap. I can’t stand it! how does one know when it’s ok to stop using it (besides having the dr tell you)?
  6. Boston Redhead


    Did anyone have an abdominal nerve block for WLS? If I understand it correctly, they do a block of the ab nerves and something more like versed for a twilight sleep, which helps a great deal with recovery. i have an appt with my surgeon (#5 of 6!) this coming week and will ask about it, but I’m curious to hear some feedback.
  7. Quick question. You wrote that you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest. I thought that too, but when I really tried to analyze it, I figured out that it was really an intense pressure from inside my chest, like something in my rib cage pushing outward. It went away after I had my gallbladder out. Does yours feel like that?
  8. Boston Redhead

    Five years

  9. Boston Redhead

    Life is just so much better

    @Cheesehead my bathroom issues are bad enough now lol. Luckily I’m not even prediabetic...yet. I have hbp and sleep apnea, and while I hope they get better, my main goal is weight loss. I’ll do some more research and maybe discuss with my dr at my next visit on Tuesday. thanks!
  10. Boston Redhead

    Life is just so much better

    Thank you @Michael_A! I appreciate your comments. I am horribly bad at waiting, so this six month pre op crap is pulling me all over the place. I will try to keep my eye on the prize and read as much as I can about each surgery. Next up: an EGD on Monday and visit #4 of 6 with the surgeon on Tuesday. thanks again for your kind and thoughtful words!
  11. Boston Redhead

    Life is just so much better

    Hi @Michael_A thank you so much for this! The timing is perfect; I really needed to hear it right now. My head was getting the best of me....talking me out of the surgery. It’s too expensive, I don’t deserve it, good things never happen for me, I’m going to end up a smelly farter that no one wants to be around....but your post has tipped me back in the other direction. Right now I still have the EGD and X-ray to do, plus 3 more monthly dr visits, so it’s been hard to keep my eye on the prize. A question for you: one of the things that I’m worried about is what surgery to have. My dr thinks the DS would be the best for me, but I’m not finding a lot of positive testimonials online. I want this to be a “one and done” surgery; I don’t want to need a revision. How did you decide on the gastric bypass? congratulations, by the way!
  12. Boston Redhead

    Picture in my surgeon's office

    Inspirational! You look great-did you really lose over 100 losing in only 8 months?!!
  13. I know this post was awhile ago, but any update @Calidyme? was just curious because I had those symptoms but they went away when I had my gallbladder out.
  14. Boston Redhead

    medication post op

    And @the4cookies esp if your meds are extended release, please check with your doctor