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  1. @Rob_VSG does yours tell your metabolic age? Mine does and it’s not changing!! Frustrating...
  2. I just got off a plane and DIDN’T NEED A SEAT BELT EXTENSION!!! I’m sure that people were wondering why I was sobbing. lol
  3. That’s interesting @BurgundyBoyBecause I supposedly have a wheat sensitivity, so maybe that’s why the benefiber isn’t working! And thank you.....yes, I am feeling better!!
  4. @Readytobeme did your surgeon prescribe anything for the GERD? Mine does 6 months of protonix for his patients. I haven’t had any problems at all, and I had massive problems before.
  5. I went and got a big bag of dog food yesterday, and I realized that I’d lost more than that extremely heavy bag! Perspective!!
  6. Has anyone had recent experience with thredsup? Just wondering if they’re any better with what they offer for your clothes. Or, any other similar app you’d recommend?
  7. @BrightDay I had absolutely no pain after mine, and he did extra work trying to get rid of scar tissue. I was extremely groggy for the first day, so I just surrendered to it. Once I was out of surgery, they gave me liquid Tylenol once, and that was it for pain meds. Once I got home, I slept in my bed from the first night, not in a recliner. The anticipation was far worse than the actual surgery. for me, my previous gallbladder surgery was worse, pain and mobility wise. i hope all goes smoothly for you. You’re almost there!
  8. Boston Redhead


    I am so excited to announce that I’ve met my first goal! I’ve lost 50 lbs! This puts me at 1/3 of my overall goal. my next goal is to be in onederland by the end of the summer - 26.5 more lbs.
  9. Are there any “rules “ about taking benefiber with other meds? Like for example, don’t take calcium and iron together. thanks!!