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  1. Boston Redhead

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Have you guys considered using something like Poshmark, curvsi, or ThredUp? You can sell your old clothes and then buy new ones. I was thinking of doing that until my weight stabilizes.
  2. Boston Redhead

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    Off topic...question about this. After surgery, would I be able to (should I) drink unsweetened tea with one sweet n low? I don’t drink anything else now besides that and water, and I’m a bit addicted TBH.
  3. Boston Redhead

    Home Alone

    Do you have someone to pick you up from the hospital? I might have to take an Uber home from the hospital. Wonder if they’ll allow that.
  4. Boston Redhead

    I have a date!

  5. Boston Redhead

    BCBS NC approval question from newbie

    Yeah I’m always late to the party! Hopefully I’ll have a new job right away but if not, I might not have insurance for awhile.... Good idea though. I’ll give them a call. Thanks!
  6. Newbie the early stages of the presurgery process.... For anyone who had their gallbladder out, presurgery, how did the pain/recovery compared your WLS? Also, I have an esophageal stricture already, but it doesn’t bother me 95% of the time. Think that’ll be an issue post surgery? Thank you!
  7. Boston Redhead


    I’ve been lurking for awhile but I’m finally ready to reveal myself lol. I only know one person who has had the surgery and she only took/kept about 20 pounds off, so I’ve found all the success stories here to be inspiring. I am at the very beginning of the whole process and am both terrified and excited about this journey. Hoping to be a success story and then pay it forward!
  8. Hi everyone! So long story short: my company will be closing in February and I could be laid off anytime between now and then. I’ve been thinking about WLS for awhile, but now I need to have it sooner rather than later so it’s covered, plus if there are any post op complications, they’ll be covered too. Unfortunately, one of the insurance requirements is: The individual must have serially documented active participation in a non-surgical weight reduction regimen for at least 6 continuous months, in the 2 years prior to surgery, to enable both behavioral changes and adequate assessment of anticipated postoperative dietary maintenance. These efforts must be fully appraised and documented by the physician requesting authorization for surgery; Of course, I see my PCP every six months and she records my weight and tells me I need to lose weight, but that’s the extent of my documentation. Any ideas or advice on what, if anything, I can do? Thanks in advance! I’ve been lurking for awhile and appreciate the wealth of info in these forums.