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  1. My goodness @Jen581791 and @cindylouwho! That’s some serious tracking! Thanks for the idea and support!
  2. Thanks @Cheesehead. I have had a couple of NSVs, such as losing 19 inches overall and going down I’m a 28/30 pants to a comfortable 22, which I don’t understand how that happens without losing pounds, but... One day at a time....
  3. Thank you @Rob_VSG @tracyringo @cinwa. Your words are helping.
  4. This is where I am now. I’m 9.5 weeks post op and have only lost 28 lbs since the surgery, and most of that I lost the first 3 weeks. I’ve had some vitamin issues that I think are worked out now, but I’m not losing weight and not feeling that “high” anymore. I was feeling great but now the old aches are back. I’m meeting my protein and liquid goals. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I feel like this journey is already over.
  5. I like protein2O drinks but they are sweet so I have to cut them with water.
  6. My surgeon prescribes Protonix for six months after the sleeve. I’ve had no more reflux issues since.
  7. Still having issues. Thought it was iodine or iron because I switched to an otc multi without them and had no reaction. Went to an allergist and he thought it was the additives. I switched to another Bariatric vitamin that had different additives listed and had a reaction with that too (it also had iodine and iron). the dieticians at my surgeons office suggested that I go back to an allergist but the soonest appt available is end of May. I’m back to the otc multi so I’m at least getting something. My iron was 15.7 and needs to be more like 45 for Bariatric patients. i have a follow up Friday with my surgeon, so I’ll talk to him then. In the meantime, any ideas?
  8. Boston Redhead

    still here!

    I had mine done a few years ago (before my sleeve), and was given no directions as to eating or avoiding certain foods. Once I recovered from the surgery, I felt 100% better. advice: do not have the surgery while you’re in an active gb attack.
  9. As a follow up...i started taking these Monday with at least two hours between does. As a result, my face is really blotchy and itchy, and gets worse as the day goes on. See picture. soooo....I gather I’m having some kind of allergic reaction or eating something I shouldn’t too close to a dose. Guess I’ll call my doc in the morning.... /sigh
  10. The three area hospitals have them, and they’re open to all. I haven’t gone yet, but have been thinking about it. I’ve never really been a joiner, but I guess I should just bite the bullet and go....
  11. Does your hospital offer support groups? Mine has them once a month.
  12. So this week I will begin taking my chewable multivitamin (2/day) and calcium (3/day). The physician assistant I saw at wk 2 post op told me to stagger the 5 throughout the day but there needs to be at least 2 hrs in between each. When I saw my dietician last week, she told the class we could do all the multivitamins at the same time and all the calcium together (like the multivitamins with breakfast and calcium with supper, for example). Now that I think about it, would it all be absorbed or is it too much at one time? I’ll be taking the Bariatric advantage brand multivitamins and calcium citrate chewables.
  13. I’d call them battle scars! It’s like a battle for health, and you’re surely on the winner’s side.
  14. Thanks! My cpap comes with a dashboard I access online. I haven’t noticed any change post op, but I’m only 3.5 weeks out.