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  1. Sorry I'm new so I didn't know where to post this but I'm currently on the waiting list for a gastric bypass for the second time. The first time was in 2015, I was approved for surgery but 2 days before my op the team found out I was self harming and restricting/purging and cancelled it. Fast forward to the present, I've been diagnosed with bulimia and a couple other mental health conditions but they're under control. Will having an eating disorder on my medical records completely stop my chances of having the surgery or do you think I'll be able to have it done as long as I'm in recovery? Sorry I know it might be hard to answer as it's not a black and white thing but any kind of insight would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hey! I'm new to this site, in 2015 I was approved for the gastric bypass surgery but 2 days before the op during a check-up, something was uncovered that made the team feel I wasn't currently ready and couldn't go through with it. I was obviously devastated but yesterday received the news that I'm back on the waiting list and I guess I'll be having another journey to the end goal of surgery so I decided to join