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  1. Good day! I'm a 50 year young professional, ride a Triumph America, love traveling with my husband, have three young adult sons and am basically a goof ball! :) I'm also a dog person! Dying to get a pup! I had my original lap-band in 2006, revision in 2015. I started out at 234 and currently weight 210. Talk about failure - me that is, not the sleeve. The sleeve is the tool and I am in the drivers seat. I know that, but still cannot lose the weight. I can eat just about anything, hardly ever feel restriction. I've gone through periods of exercise, pushing too hard, and hurting myself, then recovering, then exercising again, etc...……. well, you get it. I don't eat poorly, but I don't eat perfectly. I do honestly feel that I've let myself and my family down. I'm absolutely embarrassed and mortified to go back to my doctor. I haven't seen him in a year. I'm trying the pouch reset again, and we'll see what happens. The lowest I got down to was 173#, but i was also in the hospital with a lung infection and in ICU for two weeks, so.... The lowest I got down to exercising and watching my food was 184, then my primary doctor decided I needed hormone therapy and I gained all that weight back! I was ticked off then, so stopped the hormones and still cannot get the weight off. I don't have any real medical issues. My BP is a bit high on the diastolic, but other than that, just basic older person aches and pains. Well that's me! Maybe someone has some suggestions for me? If not, that's ok too. Health and happiness to all!