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  1. congrats!!! I'm sure it feels good!!
  2. Hi, So when will I get this energy everyone talks about? I'm 21 days post op, lost 20 pds so far. And I have days all I want to do is sleep! no energy. Also, I have one more week of soft foods and then I'm on my own the doc says. So what's the transition like? ( coming off puree / soft stage) Any pointers?
  3. 15 days post op.. 2nd day of Puree stage. I make sure what I eat is applesauce texture. I eat slowly. I wait between bites. I get about 2 tablespoons. I think I'm full. food seems to sit in upper stomach. i stop. and then 20 mins later, my stomach feels empty. So am I getting mixed signals?? confused.
  4. thanks guys... that was a great video!
  5. please clarify.... stop drinking 30 before and 30 mins after???
  6. Week 2 of liquid diet. I feel like it's been a bottomless pit when it comes to drinking my food. Until today....... today I learned the difference between emotional eating and actually being hungry.... Ouch!!!! Yea, my brain said, "you're hungry". my stomach said "nope!!". I didn't believe it cause I came out the gates never satisfied but it isn't a joke when you are actually NOT hungry. 2 more days until the puree phase, CAN'T WAIT!!!
  7. Want to wish everyone a Happy and safe Labor day. I know many of you will be going or hosting BBQ's. I raise my premier shake to you! Stay Strong
  8. welcome- Im starting week 2 and boy what a challenge especially when you have 2 weeks of full liquid diet. but these people here are amazing, helpful and so friendly. i sit daily and sip, sip, sip and read all the great advise. ( i don't start back to work till tuesday) i have no problem with water just proteins. good luck, take it day by day and everyday gets easier
  9. @Jen581791 that's awesome! you sound happy
  10. i've had a few surgeries in my life and never lost hair but I continued with my regular diet ( which was my lifestyle prior) my hair is so fragile and thin that I'm not sure what I could do if it were to go or what if the texture changed.... eeek!!! when I booked my surgery in back in may I ramped up on a bunch of vitamins: B12, multi vitamin, Biotin... up until the day of surgery. But now I'm not on any cause my doctor doesn't recommend supplements until around the 3rd week post op. ( little nervous ).
  11. @Jen581791 thank you! that makes sense. so I have to ask you..... looking at your progress and how GREAT you did... whats your new norm food wise? exercise?
  12. @Ro_Bro thats a cute meme... when was your surgery or is your surgery?
  13. @Jen581791 @Kio ugh... so stressful. a full shake? I'm so behind.... i was excited about getting in 4 oz. I will say i constantly feel like i'm starving. is this normal? i really am missing real food
  14. 2 days post... barely got enough fluids yesterday. am I supposed to have fluids in my hand the entire day sipping? how long should it take me to drink a premier shake? how long between sips should i sip? this is the part i'm struggling with not knowing whats right.
  15. how much am i suppose to be sipping the first few days?
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