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  1. never2late

    1 week from today

    I'm scheduled August 23. Just returned home from my last vacation for the summer. Excited for the final countdown! Gonna be saying goodbye to my soda over the weekend. Meal planning for my post surgery and having my last few meals before my new lifestyle. Can't believe its almost here!!!! only have to do liquid diet day before surgery...Got to make this week count. LOL
  2. never2late

    I have a date!

    awesome ! thank you for sharing. i've been inspired.
  3. never2late

    August 23

    getting excited! going to my pre-op today. any suggestions on what to pack in my overnight bag when I have surgery?
  4. never2late

    Hello everyone!

    i use coconut oil daily after shower and let it dry naturally. never need lotion
  5. never2late

    Hair Loss

    thanks for sharing ladies..
  6. never2late

    Hello everyone!

    @Sa1ty wow! I can already see a difference. Good for you! you've pumped me up. keep up with the good work!
  7. never2late

    Hello everyone!

    @Sa1ty hows it going for you today???
  8. never2late


    congrats! Welcome! Im new too. Yay Us!
  9. never2late

    Hair Loss

    20 days till my surgery!!! whoo hoo. the days can't get here fast enough. very excited. ready to start this journey. only set back in my mind.... hair loss. I already have thin and fragile hair. so give it to me straight! What has been your experience???
  10. never2late

    Newbie here

    Hi I am new here and taking this journey with you. I am no expert by all means. I'm sure these kind people here know way more than me. And I would love feed back on this as well. I believe after surgery your body will be all inflamed from the procedure itself, and I want to make sure I stay hydrated and get plenty of nutrients. So I read one way to help is with bone broth? great for gut healing and inflammation and has a lot of nutrients for things like this. I also was told Collagen protein ( which I will need to ask the doctor about this one) you can add it liquid ( or coffee) and it too helps with the joints and inflammation. Plus, you get 22g of protein when you use it. again, I'm no expert and would love feed back on this from the masters
  11. never2late

    New to thinnertimes

    hi jackie, welcome! I'm new too. people seem so friendly and helpful. can't wait to do this journey with everyone
  12. never2late

    August 23 ( Newbie)

    thanks everyone for the warm welcoming! I look forward to this journey with you all. Like to meet new people especially when there is commonality. Yay me!!
  13. never2late

    August 23 ( Newbie)

    hello, wanted to introduce myself. Im having VSG august 23. Couldn't be more excited. looking for a great forum where I can celebrate my journey, meet new friends and learn lots. I tried another forum.. not sure its for me but shall see.