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  1. robertgnv

    HIV and Gastric Bypass

    My HIV doc was out of town but I have now heard back from her and there is no problem with crushing my HIV meds (Triumeq). I also met with Dr. Friedman today (UF Health Shands - Gainesville) who would be my surgeon and I'm planning to move forward with gastric bypass. Plenty of steps between now and then (swallow study, EKG, psych exam, etc). I'm kinda pumped!
  2. robertgnv

    HIV and Gastric Bypass

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.
  3. robertgnv

    HIV and Gastric Bypass

    Thank you for this! Yup I have a call scheduled with my HIV doc and will talk at length with my surgeon about it too. I appreciate y'all.
  4. robertgnv

    HIV and Gastric Bypass

    Greetings all. I'm new here and considering gastric bypass WLS. I'm also HIV positive (healthy, HIV is undetectable - I take Triumeq) so I'm a little worried about complications/conflicts between my HIV treatment (absorption, swallowing crushed pills, etc.) after RnY gastric bypass. Anyone here have any experience or knowledge on this? Thank you!