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  1. @CelticGirl Thanks for checking in. I am struggling with fatigue, I have had horrible restless legs at night since coming come which keeps me up. My BP is low. So I am trying to take in more fluid. Today I start puréed foods so I can add some salt which I think might help. It’s hard! The drain is standard here - I guess we all go home with one. It’s this tube that goes from the surgery site out your belly into a little balloon type of device and it had to be measured and emptied twice a day. They take it out at the one week post op appt. (for me it was day 6) It sounds like not every practice does this, but it serves two purposes- if there is a leak - they will know right away and also it helps prevent and monitor for infection. If the fluid gets cloudy or darker or there is suddenly a lot more fluid, then you go in and get seen. After reading about a few bad post op infections, I think it makes sense as another assessment tool that everything is healing well. Thanks for checking. I hope to feel a little better each day. Em
  2. Hi all I am home! I did really well. I did have some post op complications that I don’t even remember. So, as far as I’m concerned I didn’t even vomit. (Though I heard that I did). I probably could have gone home day 1 but my heart rate and oxygen kept dropping so I thought one more night of watching things would be good. I kept thinking it was all your thoughts and positive energy and prayers that got me through it. So here are my current struggles or questions: 1) is there an app that is specific to bariatric surgery that helps you keep track of the water and “food” and your meds that you all like? 2) I am having a hard time with crushing my meds and taking them- I was on several extended release tabs that now have to be 3 times a day crushed. It’s pretty awful. Any helpful hints? 3) I got a bad rash after surgery which is better but still itchy. Anyone else experience this? 4) the drain is kinda gross. And I am a nurse! I think I should not be bothered by it! Ha ha!! Ok - I made it! I have to have hope that I will feel better soon. Sunday is a day I often liked having a cinnamon Role from one of my favorite places. I suppose cinnamon tea will have to be my substitute! thank you again Em
  3. Thanks everyone! This made me feel better today. I haven’t told too many people so I was glad to hear all of your support. I should try and sleep. I will check in when I am on the other side! Em
  4. Hi all I have been reading some of your encouraging words. I have to say I am a little nervous. I am nervous about losing part of my body. I am nervous about making this huge change. I am nervous about the post-op vomiting (I used to say my two biggest fears were going blind and throwing up!). I have been on a modified diet for ten days and then yesterday and today clears only (does anyone know if the premier protein clear mango orange drink is a “clear”? It seems like if Gatorade is a clear then this might be? ). My husband is doing the same diet sans the surgery. Which makes me laugh. But he wants to lose weight too. I told him he will absolutely need more calories then I will be getting. We will see how long it last. I put on weight during and after pregnancies and did the loss and regain dance a few times. I suffered a loss in 2015 that just about did me in and I have gained since then. So in January I talked to my dr about this. And we decided that it was worth looking into. And now - seemingly overnight - here I am. Coincidentally my best friend from childhood had the same surgery about one month ago. She had a hard post op period but 30 days out is doing much better. Your stories have inspired me. I loved reading about coaches liver and how hard he worked. My doc also wanted me to shrink my liver. I thought he was joking. My liver tests are all normal thank God, but he wanted a little more loss before surgery. I have had to talk to my liver, “Hey you! You get small in there, make like Tiny Tim!” Thanks in advance for your support. <3 Em