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  1. Sa1ty

    Hello everyone!

    Great idea! Thank you!
  2. Sa1ty

    Hello everyone!

    Good to know. Thank you cinwa!
  3. Sa1ty

    Hello everyone!

    Hiya! It’s going alright. I went to my 2 wk post op follow up and lost 15 lbs. My skin still healing, but feels itchy lol like a dry scab. lol The end of this month I’ll have to gradually update the clothes sizes. Right now I have a lot of drawstring waistbands and leggings. I’ve added a pic of my peak weight (280) before the surgery and my 2 wk post op. (242). I’m excited for this new journey. =P
  4. Sa1ty

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! =}
  5. Sa1ty

    Hello... New member

    I’m in San Diego too! Just had my sleeve surgery on the 16th of July. Hope all is well with your journey! =}
  6. Sa1ty

    Hello everyone!

    Newbie here! Just had a gastric sleeve surgery 7/16/2018. I’m on the full liquids now. Excited being on this new journey for a healthier lifestyle. I know it’s gonna take some work to achieve my goals but my life is worth it! Thank you so much for accepting me in this forum. I’ll learn from each and everyone of you, of your weight loss journey. The good , bad and ugly of it all. Thanks again!