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  1. Thank you! I think the biggest fear I was able to pin point it to was that I was fearful of what my GP was going to say. I think I was more scared that she would say I needed to try one more diet. I cant say that I would be surprised if I have to lose weight as a condition for a referral, but I guess it will just be clarified in the next week or so! Thanks for your support, and kind words, Jen!
  2. Thanks! At this point I’m not sure if weight loss is a requirement, but the surgeon in my area is the only one for about 2 1/2 hours out that specializes in bariatrics. I’m fine with that result. I’m pretty sure his office requires a referral. Even if he doesn’t, at this point, I think I just want to embrace the process and take things 1 thing at a time. I love and have a really great relationship with my GP, and she has been really wonderful about everything and I feel like the journey wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t do it with her, too. Also, I’ve tried a lot of things on my own and look where it’s gotten me. I think it was Einstein that said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The details will come from talking with my Care Coordinator next week to get a better idea of expectations and what not. I don’t think it’s neccesarily that I have to lose weight, but I need to make a good progression on what I’m learning, what actions I’m taking, and how I’m starting to adjust from my current way of thinking.
  3. I have this coworker who whenever she gets stressed out she says “Breathe, Tina.” I work in a call center and sometimes life can be pretty overwhelming. There’s always one more call to make, one more dollar that needs to be collected to hit goal, 1 more minute that I need to be chained down by my phone cord to make my productivity goal. I feel like all week I’ve been telling myself to breathe. “Breathe, Emma.” Not just because I’m overwhelmed by a lot of things, but because there are a lot of things in my life. Blessings, burdens, fears, anxieties, questions. Sometimes I just find myself telling myself to stop thinking and just breathe. This week I took a really big step. I went to my GP and talked to her about my weight. I had a really crazy realization as I was talking to her. I realized how important the mind stuff is going to be in this journey. My GP showed me my chart and I crossed over into the obese BMI category in 2011. I was 16 years old. It was also the summer that my life got really, really messed up. My aunt, who was one of my very best friends died. She was 53. She had a massive heart attack. She worked as an in home caretaker at an agency that helps adults with disabilities. It was 10 days after my great grandma passed away. It’s also when my future step father started being more verbally and emotionally abusive toward my mom, sister, and I. Whoo. “Breathe, Emma.” Isn’t it kind of crazy how we have these really major life events but we don’t process them until much later? Or how they manifest in ways we didn’t even think were possible? I realized where I am at currently, my future health isn’t very bright. Both sides of my family have morbid obesity, alcoholism, and heart problems. Those are a big deal. Especially in that combination. “Breathe, Emma.” I was totally terrified to take that first step this week. I was terrified to acknowledge the elephant in the room, and to take that really big plunge. I am terrified of heights, and I feel like a kid trying to jump off of the high diving board at the pool. My doctor said she was really proud of me for making that choice. We talked about getting my weight on track, and what the probability of getting to my goal weight of 140 with and without surgery, as well as what that looks like long term as far as keeping the weight off. It’s not in my favor. As of right now, my game plan is to meet with the care coordinator in my doctors office biweekly for the next 6 months, then I can have a follow up with my doctor in January, 2019. The goal is to get me educated on my diet, and exercise routines, and how I can better care for myself. I found out that my insurance does cover bariatric surgery, and I don’t believe they require a 6 month education/nutrition plan, but the surgeon in my local area does require it. After that period, if my doctor thinks things have progressed well, and I’ve managed to lose a good chunk of weight, she said she will be happy to refer me to the local surgeon to see what my options are. This week I also have my first counseling appointment to start addressing some mental stuff. “Breathe, Emma” Weight this week: 282.4 Wins: I took the first step in taking control of my weight, and taking responsibility for my life and my choices. Setbacks: I’ve been really upset by some family members who I think mean well, but aren’t very supportive at this point. Verse of scripture I’m finding especially encouraging this week:
  4. @Animalrescuer18 thank you so much for your insight! I’m so happy for you for all of the progress that you’ve made! I’m excited to be able to follow your progress! Please keep us updated!
  5. @BurgundyBoy wow! Thank you so much for that! I’m definitely going to look into those studies! I really appreciate your wisdom on the subject!
  6. @Jen581791 thank you for the encouragement! I’m definitely going to check out that book! My first appointment to talk to my GP was today. She recommended that I read a book called The Obesity Code. (Has anyone else read that by chance?) she was also very supportive and we got a game plan together. It’s really encouraging me to hear that people have lost 1/2 (or more!) of their body weight and are able to keep it off! @Ladybugzzz86 I’m sorry you had that complication! What did they end up doing for you? (Originally I was in school for nursing but i decided that it wasn’t something I was passionate about so I didn’t continue. I have a lot of interest in, but not for a career.) I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of kindness and positivity here. Wow. I’m so blessed by this.
  7. @BurgundyBoy thank you so much for the statistics! That’s really interesting and definitely worth noting! I’ve had 2 aunts on just my moms side (worth noting, she is one of 8 kids) who have passed away from obesity related conditions and I’m glad to be able to arm myself with even more facts. @msmarymac thank you for that piece of advice! Giving people “jobs” may help them feel important. I know my aunt who isn’t very supportive at this time loves Instagram for whatever reason so I’m contemplating starting a weight loss Instagram and allowing her to see inside my world that way too.
  8. @athenarose thank you! You posted on my other question and I found your thoughts to be really helpful! Thank you! Also, I wanted to just tell you that you’re really beautiful! I think this world doesn’t really make enough space for women to compliment each other, and from your profile picture, DANG GIRL! I also can’t wait to have those NSV moments! Currently adding them to my list now!
  9. @Ladybugzzz86 I’m so happy for you! Also, thank you for the welcome! Thanks for the tip on making sure to adapt sooner rather than later. I have my first counseling appointment this Thursday to address my tendencies of coping with food. I also started implementing mindful eating, from which I understand is basically just normal eating after WLS. (Essentially it’s just chewing your food a lot more than what people find to be “normal” and allowing for adequate time for that bite to settle into your stomach before continuing) also, thanks for the tip on researching the complications. From what I understand the big ones are 1. Leaks, 2. Bleeding 3. Blood clots, and 4. Dehydration. Do you have any specific resources you would recommend I check out? Or anyone else reading this for that matter?
  10. Hello everyone! My my name is Emma. I’m 23 and I’m currently looking at my options for weight loss surgery. I’m leaning towards VSG. I love to read- my favorite type of book is Self- Development, and Leadership- and I love learning. My dream is to be a really confident, HEALTHY, loving, charitable, #LADYBOSS entrepreneur. My goal weight is 140 and my highest is 280, hence, HalvingEmma. (I’m 5’3”) I’m choosing to look into WLS because I’ve tried dieting and exercising- healthily and unhealthily since I was in late elementary school. My family has a history of obesity and I’m SICK AND TIRED of carrying on that legacy. Some of the NSV I’m looking forward to include: - crossing my legs - wearing a regular sized bath towel and have it completely wrap around me. - sit criss cross applesauce on the floor with a child and not have to lean back to accommodate for my chest. - get a piggyback ride - have someone lift me up and carry me - have more energy to be able to play with the kiddos I babysit. - feel more confident - no more snoring - climb a mountain I would love any advice anyone has so please please please reply! What would you have changed about your surgery or surgery prep? What has been the most beneficial thing anyone has given you as advice? Why did you decide to have WLS? What’s been your favorite NSV you’ve had? (Like I said, I love to learn and I love to socialize!) I'm so excited and thankful for the community here and I’m excited to see where this goes!
  11. Hello everyone, I’m new here and to be honest, I find this forum really refreshing and comforting. I’m so thankful to have stumbled across this. I am 23, and 5’3”. My highest weight is 280. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow to discuss options for WLS. I’m leaning toward VSG. I’ve dieted since I was 12, and I’m just struggling to keep it off long term. I also have an appointment with a counselor to start getting a grip on my relationship with food. I’m so excited but so scared to start this journey. My biggest fear though is talking to my family and friends about what I want to do. One of my aunts found out before I am ready to really talk about it, and she has already expressed her unapproval. Two of my other aunts and my mom have all had WLS (2 had bypass and my mom had the Lap Band) and the aunt who has been disapproving is mostly worried about the complications her sisters have all had. My grandma has expressed that she has a lot of questions (as all of us should in the beginning!) but has expressed she is supportive of that option. I was just wondering what advice some of you may have for unsupportive family members and how to navigate that world.